Have I completely rooted my phone?


Hi all,

After stalking the forums over the past few months, solving any queries I had. I have decided that I must almost unfortunately make my first post.

I dropped my S3 and cracked the top left corner of it, and of course I could not bare with a little crack in the screen so I swiftly decided to replace the screen with one I had bought off an electronics website.

I was carving around the edge with the little plastic tool and thought to myself 'I don't know why people think this is so hard'. Unbeknownst to me, I had completely severed the little touch pads that make the right, middle and left touch functions work on the front screen.


This image shows the area of which underneath is effected. There are these little piece of foils under these buttons which must sense pressure, as I said before, I have severed these.

Therein lies my question, have I completely rooted my phone or do I just need to buy a new LCD? I am still wondering whether these little sensors are attached to the LCD or to some part inside of the actual phone?

Thank you in advance!



Dr. Feelgood
Welcome to the forums! :D

I think you may have some terminology confused here.

Rooting an android phone is the process of gaining administer rights to the software.

It doesn't look like that applies to your current situation.

Can you confirm that?