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Have MetroPCS. Unlimited data plan. Past 2 weeks there has been little to no data.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OklahomaHoss, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. OklahomaHoss

    OklahomaHoss Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'll begin by saying that the phone was working beautifully initially. I have made NO changes to it in any way.

    Got a nice, new ZTE ZMax Pro the day it came out after reading glowing reviews about it. I enjoyed it immensely...for a month...until I started losing network connectivity. First youtube would stop and buffer in the middle of video...then my Pandora and Spotify started to gap longer, and longer as they, too, began to buffer in the middle of songs.

    I have a "speed test" app, and for shits and giggles I decided to see what my connection speed is. It can't even connect to a network to run the test.

    Streaming audio is like having an imp at the stereo controls, hitting pause randomly just to be a dick, and streaming video absolutely OUT of the question.

    And before someone recommends it, I have already checked my APN, and it's correctly set to fast.metropcs.com and the MMSC is set to : http:// metropcs.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc.

    I'm so frustrated I'm ready to start punching out random strangers.

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  2. Elix9000

    Elix9000 Well-Known Member

    Follow these steps exactly,

    1.go to display and turn your screen timeout to never (optional but it makes things much easier)

    2. Go to cellular networks>network operator

    3. Tap network operator and wait for it to find the networks. You will probably see a MetroPCS option, a T-Mobile option and a Verizon option. Tap the MetroPCS option and Should have a toast notification say "Registered on network"
    (Note: you can set your display timeout back to whatever you had it as before after this step)

    4. After this test the network, if it still is slower than usual or laggy or dropping then follow steps 5-10. If it works then steps 5 through 10 are unnecessary.

    5. If internet isn't working, go to dialer, put in *#*#4636#*#* and tap "Phone information

    6. They should be a drop down box saying "LTE/GSM/WCDMA" tap the drop down box and scroll down to the "LTE only".

    7. After LTE connects,tap the drop down box again then scroll up to the "LTE/GSM/WCDMA" option. Wait for it to reconnect and then toggle data 4 times waiting for it to reconnect after each on toggle. (Notice make sure data is on after you do this)

    8. Toggle airplane mode on and off twice (make sure you turn it off on the last toggle)
    9. Test data connection. If it is not working then reboot.
    10. If all else fails call MetroPCS customer service and tell them the issue you are having. Sometimes the issue is on their end
  3. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    It's the network slowing you during congestion... Try the speed test at night bet it will be faster. It's one of the perks of being a metro customer "/
  4. MrHerbDaily

    MrHerbDaily Well-Known Member

    Yea, after metro merged with tmo, data speeds have suffered greatly for a lot of people.

    ZMAX4EVER Well-Known Member

    Actually, after TMO merged with Metro, they converted all the phones and the network from CDMA to GSM and improved LTE immensely. The merger was one of the best things to happen to both entities.

    To the OP;

    Not sure where you're located but perhaps you're being prioritized? Have you used more than 23gb ? Do you have the Data Maximizer option enabled on your account? It's located within the MyMetro app when you look at data usage. Try turning it off (or ON if you already have it off).

    I doubt it's the phone. Keep us updated.
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  6. MrHerbDaily

    MrHerbDaily Well-Known Member

    Improved for some worsened for others. I am one of many who has seen speeds drop from consistent 15-20Mbps before the merge, to inconsistent 1-10Mbps. Most of the time my speeds hover around 2Mbps and sometimes drop down to 200-300kb. Rarely do I see my speeds at around 10Mbps now a days.

    ZMAX4EVER Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that was the case for you! But, moving away from CDMA technology was very important. We wouldn't want to have ended up like Sprint. GSM phones usually don't drain as much battery and allow for data and voice at the same time. Kinda like VoLTE only without LTE. So, you can do multiple activities even when not on the LTE network (which should rarely happen though).

    I hope TMO adds some more LTE towers to your area!!
  8. MrHerbDaily

    MrHerbDaily Well-Known Member

    I'm in Los Angeles. Plenty of towers. Its funny how my friend gets upwards of 30Mbps at my house with his tmobile phone, while I get around 2Mbps on average.
  9. OklahomaHoss

    OklahomaHoss Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Firstly, big thanks to everyone with their replies. Elix9000, I haven't yet had the chance to apply those steps you've laid out, as I've only just now come back to the thread here to see what luck I've had.

    ZMAX4EVER, I should have thought to mention this when I made the thread, but it slipped my mind completely. I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Also you speculated that I may have been "prioritized". I have never heard this term before, but it sounds like it might be related to data usage. I do indeed use a lot of data. Where I work, we're not allowed to watch videos on our phones (of course, what workplace would allow that? lol!) but we ARE allowed to listen to music and such. Well, since I am very interested in the presidential campaign right now, what I do is pull up youtube when I first get in to work and search for videos of news of the election, and set them to play on autoplay, then just cover up my phone and listen to the various news videos. So the phone is running youtube videos at least 6 hours out of the day. So I'm pretty sure my data usage is WAY over 20g per month. Is being "prioritized" another way of saying that Metro sees my high usage and is choking it up? I hope not. That's not what I'm paying for.

    I have found that switching the phone into and then back out airplane mode seems to free up data for a short period of time.
  10. RAIDER W

    RAIDER W Well-Known Member

    Thanks 4... :)
    That solved my problem.. Keep That _uckin switch off! :)
  11. 5318008

    5318008 Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Since I've switched to TMobile it won't let me use the MyMetro app. If I never disabled that before switching providers, is that setting persistent across networks? Is it something I should be worried about going back and fixing?
  12. Elix9000

    Elix9000 Well-Known Member

    it blocks you out because it reads the sim and build prop before running, once it reads that you have a t mobile sim (or any other sim) it disables itself as it fails the network check rendering the app completely useless. you should install the my T-Mobile app though
  13. 5318008

    5318008 Well-Known Member

    Yeah thanks I was just wondering if the data saver functionality was something toggled on the phone itself or on the Metro network side of things, because if it's on the phone, I can't access it because I'm locked out of Metro's app.

    Edit: I've tried T-Mobile's app on my previous phone and I didn't care for it, it asks for permissions to nearly everything and it's slow and buggy as balls, at least in my experience.

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