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Have ?'s

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sharon, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Sharon

    Sharon Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yesterday I purchased the Vibrant! Had the Mytouch slide, which I hope to sell to make up for some of what I spent on the vibrant.
    I have been busy getting this new phone customized, but I have a few questions. Please bare with me as I really like this phone, but I sometimes look over at the slide and wonder if I may have made a mistake. Here goes.

    1. Is the Vibrant not compatible with the bluetooth when it comes to voice dial? If not, is there an app I can d/l for this? I miss my voice dial terribly, as I am a multi-tasker and I need hands free 80% of the day.

    2. For those who have Launch Pro Plus, I know you can resize the widgets, but can you do the same with icons? For those of us whose eyes are getting older before our time, I would love to find an app to where I can make the icons larger, so I do not have to wear reading glasses! :)

    And for those who switched from the slide to the vibrant, did you stick it out or slide back?

    Any advice in customizing would be greatly appreciated



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  2. TuesdayClub

    TuesdayClub Member

    1. I dunno...never use Bluetooth
    2. There is a way (read over at xda) but I'm not sure.

    I gave my Slide to my girl--I have NO regrets...The vibrant is better by 1,000%, both for customizing, and developing/hacking. I spent less than 15 minutes debating the phones when I had both--I will never go back to the Slide...My girl loves it, but she loves simplicity and never touches anything electronic in a "naughty" way. I however love to open things up and experiment.

    Even simpler: THe Vibrant is just such a better phone (in stock form) than the Slide. Give it a couple of days and you will see. :)
  3. TuesdayClub

    TuesdayClub Member

    As for customizing--if you want to remain stock, look into pandahome/openhome/ahome for customized themes (ie. icons/wallpaper/etc. as a package). If you are looking to really get into the phone, look into the One-click-Root and check out several custom Roms.

    I keep 3 or so Roms on my SD card just to play around every week by changing them.
  4. Big-Dog

    Big-Dog Newbie

    I use bluetooth with Ford Sync and Sync does the voice recognition. Never had to use the VR on the phone. I have heard Vingo works for VR on the phone, but I have no idea if the voice gets carried through BT to the phone. I kinda think it would.
  5. mahgnillig

    mahgnillig Newbie

    I think the voice dial via Bluetooth is an Android problem, not a Vibrant problem. I had a Windows Mobile based phone a couple of years ago that did voice dial via Bluetooth with no problem. When I switched to Android with a Samsung Behold II I was no longer able to voice dial via Bluetooth. Same with the Vibrant. I think that is one of the features that is supposed to be released with Android 2.2 though, so it might just be a matter of waiting for the update.

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