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Have the following problems with Samsung Galaxy A50

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by matthewatlant0s, May 17, 2020.

  1. matthewatlant0s

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    I am a new member, and have the following problems with Samsung Galaxy A50 phone,

    The phone is running android version 10 and is up to date.

    The phone crashed and had to have the software re-stalled so I sent the phone to Samsung and they fixed the problem and re-stalled the software but when I started to setup the phone up as soon as I connected the phone to my router the setup software said checking for updates and then it download the updates, then the setup carried on.

    I use a pin to sign in to my phone but sometimes when I switch my phone off the pin screen
    does not appear on the screen and other times the pin screen will appear.

    sometimes find that the ringtone does not work someone can ring me but don’t hear the phone ring but most of the time the phone ringtone works fine.

    I use a pin to sign in But sometimes I find that the when I tap the screen the phone does not enter the number I am tapping. Also sometimes when I enter the right pin the phone tells me wrong pin entered but I have entered the right pin.

    find that the battery drains down fast, have turned the brightness down and have screen saver on as well but still the battery drains down fast.

    Find that the brightness has a mind of its own turn the brightness down to half way but the brightness is still to bright.

    Find that when changing the battery the phone changes the battery fast, but have fast change turned off.

    Any help with these problems would be great.



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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    That's a long list!
    I don't see a problem here.

    When you say "switch off" do you mean power down the device or just turn the screen off? There's a setting to control how long the screen should be turned off before it prompts for the PIN, so if you want it to always prompt you should set that to "immediately". Of course if you mean "power down" then I've no idea, I've never met an android device which failed to ask after booting up.

    There are many possibilities here, including simply not hearing it (in a pocket, background noise). If you have notifications being forwarded to another device (e.g. a wearable) that might be an extra complication. But the main thing I'd look at is whether there is a pattern, e.g. it tends to happen when you have an event in your calendar: some apps can silence the phone under some circumstances. Also check you don't have a "do not disturb" schedule set.

    Again, many possibilities, from fat finger problems to a miscalibrated digitiser (there are many touch tests apps you could try, but if it's a digitiser problem it should affect everything, not just PIN entry, and should be consistent). But you know what, my old Samsung tablet also often reports PIN entry errors when I would swear I'd entered it correctly: now that's a 7 year old device of a different form factor, so there should be no connection between these, but it has always seemed more error-prone than my phones (I use a fingerprint reader with my current phone, so rarely enter the PIN on that). I think test the digitiser accuracy and then don't worry about it, as there's nothing else you can do. If the digitiser is accurate I'm afraid it probably is finger problems, no matter how sure you are that it isn't. If there is a problem with the digitiser I suggest using your warranty.

    I'm afraid this is too vague to say anything much. What does "fast" mean? Have you looked in the power settings to see what the main power drains are? And what is a "screen saver" on a phone?

    Is "adaptive brightness" turned off? If not then even with the brightness turned down the phone can turn it up if it thinks the outside light is too bright. But on Android 10 it should learn your preferences (it was very quick on my Pixel), so just turn it up or down when you need to and give it a few days.

    Conversely if adaptive brightness is off then the phone should just stick at whatever brightness you set, irrespective of lighting conditions.

    Just to confirm, it actually says that it's doing fast charging on the lockscreen, as opposed to you just thinking it's charging quickly?

    If so I probably can't help: my phone doesn't even have the option to disable fast charging (it's a Pixel, Google as a company believe that they know best and that they don't need to provide options). Just want to be absolutely sure what the problem is, since my own phone charges pretty quickly even when it just says "charging" as opposed to fast charging on the lockscreen.
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  3. Atlantos

    Atlantos Lurker


    Thanks for getting back to me, do you think a reset of the phone might help, the problems I have listed.


  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    couldn't hurt. but some of the things @Hadron mentioned or asked can be fixed via your settings and situation.....so it will depend on your answers to his questions.
  5. matthewatlant0s

    Thread Starter


    thanks for getting back to me, I am going to have to reset the phone as more problems with the phone have come to light.
    After I have reset the phone If I get any more problems I will get back to you.

    Is there a feedback form for android wear you can send feedback in to android.

    please can you let me know.

    Thanks For your help.


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