Have You Canceled Your Land Line


May 15, 2010
Since purchasing the DI, have you canceled your land line? I did on Friday. Had my DI for 2 weeks, works fine, voice quality OK
Same here never had a landline since being on my own. Theres no point when the whole family is on the same network and you can text other people for free.

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I need a landline for my apartment complex's security gate system. It's kinda annoying, as that's the only reason I have a landline at all.
still got mine. I dont like to give out my cell to all the places that want it. i have my cell for friends and family, not the local police solicitation or whatever that can get around the "do not call" list
I canceled my land line internet and cable tv
saved me 180 a month....
and people are telling me I am crazy for spending the 29 a month for the data plan
Jokes on them LOL
I guess I'm the old guy here. It's been 26 years since I purchased my first car phone (they weren’t called cell phones back then). I dropped my land line within five years of that; can’t remember he exact year. My first cell phone by Audiovox, was called a transportable and looked like some military briefcase thing that I carried by an over the shoulder strap. It was transportable, because I could remove the transceiver and hand set, and mount them in my car to use as a car phone. The unit cost $1,700, weighed 14.5 lbs, and my average monthly bill was around $550. I know $550 sounds high, but in today’s dollars that would be $1,120 per month. You won’t find me complaining about a $29.99 data plan. It makes me laugh when people complain because they drop the occasional call, or how bad AT&T service is. I remember there were days I was hoping the wind was blowing in the right direction so I could make a call.…. LOL I love my Incredible!