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Have you noticed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pattielipp, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. pattielipp

    pattielipp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It seams to me that the people that have had problems with the x, once they have a problem and send their phone back for a replacement continue to have issues. I have my original X still with absolutly no issues. IMPO i think the people who have had the issues and are sending them back for a replacement are more or less finding every little thing wrong with the replacement.. Now if it is a hardware issue like burnt/dead pixels that's one thing, but software wise my phone will freeze on occasion, hang on certain things, some things don't always work, but no programer or software is perfect... i still love and cherish this phone dearly. It is amazing and i think those who are having the "Issues" should really look at their reasons as indepth as they can.
    Okay, rant over. and like i said, just an opinion

  2. dequardo

    dequardo Android Enthusiast

    Well you know what opinions are like. LOL. Seriously though, I had 3G dropping in and and out regardless of how strong a signal area I was in. The phone also got extremely warm when accessing data. The replacement was actually slightly worse in both regards. It's not my issue it's the device(s). Rant reply over.
  3. 2003vstrom

    2003vstrom Android Enthusiast

    I basicly had the same issue with my incredible first one had bunch of dirt between the screen, second one had crazy screen, third one had a bunch of lint in between screen out of the box, so I had it exchanged for my current X but I see that has dirt in between the screens too, I said screw it I still have my upgrade on my account so when the next best phone comes out I will get that :D
  4. tdse

    tdse Well-Known Member

    Got my first X on 7/16 - on 7/19 it "died" (bottom 1/4 of touch screen unresponsive). New X received 7/27. It's been perfect...no complaints whatsoever.

    I think people tend to find more issues with a phone they've shelled out $200+ for, than, say, a Razr. ;-)
  5. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    Not that people don't have problems, but I'd bet a large majority of phone swaps are due to "user error" and are not hardware problems.
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  6. dequardo

    dequardo Android Enthusiast

    Agree with that but mine were real. I can do nothing but look at the display and watch the 3G icon come and go in a very strong signal area. What conclusion should I be drawing?
  7. sund0wn

    sund0wn Android Expert

    just a little FYI... only 5% of the phones that get sent back to verizon for having "issues" are actually have warranty issues and need replaced. more often than not, it's user error or something that could have been fixed with a hard reset (ie. simple software issue.)
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  8. Zog Bog

    Zog Bog Newbie

    I can say with certainty that two of the three X's received have had problems unrelated to "user error".

    First one had issues with: touch screen responsiveness, call quality, battery consumption, and a 'dead pixel' after update.
    The second one froze multiple times and had a screen with reddish contrast/ decreased sharpness.
    Thus far the third one has been problem free.
    All three have had the same apps installed and run under similar conditions.

    Verizon telephone support has been great through all this and has sent a new replacement each time. They even extended my worry free warranty another 30 days so I won't be stuck if a problem arises.

    The two X's issues were manufacturing and software related.
    No user error involved.
  9. dequardo

    dequardo Android Enthusiast

    For certain my two were not user error. It's not me making the 3G float in and out on a stock device w/no apps added.
  10. pattielipp

    pattielipp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My phone from time to time will become unresponseive.. a simple reboot, deleting of all cache, and time normally fix that, Along with a auto task killer. Now given i am rooted, running Auto task killer on strict settings, and with my cpu underclocked when the screen is off to 300mhz, when my battery is <40%, and differently under certain conditions.. With any technology freezing can be an issue...

    Your battery is ALWAYS going to be like that on a new device. The NiCa(i think?) batteries in these phones need to be broken in; and it will not have be untill multiple complete power cycles are gone through. That means battery charged to 100% and then completly diminished. That is how you keep your battery life too, rather than short spouts of charging then using the battery for a short period of time.
    If you are worried about bettery usage look at your apps. The facebook APP will use Far more battery than most other apps because it is constantly running; Along with others similar(myspace, other social networking).

    I have never heard of an Update causing dead pixels. So i find this highly unlikely, and in a phone with the resolution the X does in a screen size this size you probably won't immediatly notice the dead pixels unless your screen is white. A stuck pixel is more likely as it would be more noticable, however those are fixable(to an extent) by many apps on the market which flash different colors on the screen.

    Your second phone with the screen may have been a manufacturing issue, but the freezing probably could have been fixed with a simple reboot/Hard reset.

    What the general public doesn't understand is that software this complex is going to have it's share of issues. Nomatter how refined the code is it will always have it's "qwirks". But When you do not have the general knowledge to trouble shoot an error/issue you will claim the piece of hardware or software is defective.
    Like sund0wn stated, only about 5% of the phones actually have any real issues.
    Working in the IT field and working on servers, if you thought a server was defective because it didn't run correctly then you would never have a working machine. Backing up data that will fail one day but succeed for a month after that then out of no where fail again where all settings are the same and nothing has changed.

    Now i'm just rambling, but you get the point. lol :p
  11. pattielipp

    pattielipp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Honestly, a hard reset probably would have fixed the issue. I had a phone that would do this. It would have perfect signal, and then out of no where it would go in and out for hours, if not days before it started working again. Well one day i did some searching and found out how to do a hard reset where you had to reboot the phone completly which will remove the wireless data so you had to recall it in. Once i reactivated the phone it didn't have another issue
  12. dequardo

    dequardo Android Enthusiast

    Both devices were hard reset. 3G issue dropping to 1x still occurred with no change. Inherent issue with either phone or network. My distinct vote is for phone. I'm far from the only one seeing this problem.
  13. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Android Enthusiast

    Nope...First the batteries in phones have been lithium ion for a couple years at least. After a couple days the battery will get better but it isn't necessary to run it all the way down like you have to do with NiMh. Running it from 100-0% won't hurt every once in a while to recalibrate the battery meter but running a Li-Ion battery dead is actually harmful for it. Keeping it at a higher charge is much better for it and charging it multiple times thoughout the day won't do any damage whatsoever. Li-Ion batteries don't have a memory effect.

    Just wanted to clear some things up so people don't get confused.
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  14. schizrade

    schizrade Member

    Gotta +1 this. My friend is a battery engineer and no need to "break in" a Lithium Ion battery. Just keep it topped off when possible and you are good to go.
  15. Zog Bog

    Zog Bog Newbie

    Then why would only one out of the three phones have this issue? I'm not arguing with the premise that technology can freeze what I take issue with is the cause.
    Again only one of the three phones had this issue and the same apps were installed with similar usage. The folly of your battery advice has already been pointed out.
    This is a known issue and Motorola has stated they're working on a fix, the other two phones that came with the update pre-installed did not have this issue.
    No offense but you act as if a hard reset is some unknown cure all, when in many instances it only acts as a quick fix to larger reoccurring problems.
    Where is this 5% figure coming from?, because if my experience is any indication 66% would be more accurate.

    I can't speak for the general public but most users on this forum are aware of software complexity and will exhaust other options before going through the hassle of replacing a phone.

    Thanks for playing.
  16. darreno1

    darreno1 Android Enthusiast

    I have noticed the very same thing and it's like that on pretty much EVERY forum unfortunately. It's a certain mindset, might even be genetic. Some people just can't accept that glitches do occur and so paranoia creeps in. It's just how it is and I'm sure the manufacturer prepares for that as well. Believe me, most of those returns find their way back as 'certified as new' devices.
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  17. pattielipp

    pattielipp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Software is updated on a regular basis. The Android OS is a mobile operating system created for handheld devices specifically, and built off a Linux kernel. Each piece of software is tweaked for the specific phones it is put on, whether by the developer, the hardware company, or while the software is being installed. This means software that is optimized for one handset may not be 100% compatible with another handset because of this optimization. What this means is when the X first came out devs had to change some of the apps to better utulize the hardware architecture of this device. There are still many apps on the market which work perfectly with one phone and not another, yet they all run the same android OS
    Maybe you just where using a piece of software not yet customized for the X but on your third phone it had been updated.
    Just a posibility.

    It just shows you may need to broaden your horizon. You said you where running the same apps on each phone.. THAT may have been the problem. Run Different programs, or not the same ones.
    If you eat a wrotten tomato and it makes you throw sick, why eat another?
    Why run a program that has issues with freezing if you know it may freeze again.

    No hostility, only stating a point.

    Now i was unaware of the camera issue, however if it was because of a software update that caused it, chances are a software update will fix it too.

    A hard reset will fix about 90% of the issues people have with their phones.

    5% is/was stated by sund0wn. Think about the statistics and the people who are not tech savvy who send their phones back saying they are having "issues" there are stats out there, i just do not have the time to find them right now. if you where so inclined to find them, or if someone where it would be much appreciated. You could probably call a corporate rep at verizon to get an estimate.
    You are ONE person. one of the thousands that have this phone, and it may be your individual error that caused the issues; it could be your mentality thinking there was an error from the start. i don't know you, who you are so i can't say; Just a general statement based off of no knowledge of how technically inclined you may be.

    Yes, many people are aware of the basic trouble shooting for their phones in this forum, But there are still those that DO NOT and this post was originally based around those individuals.
  18. Zog Bog

    Zog Bog Newbie

    If optimization was the issue then why would one phone have problems caused by the update and not the others?
    it was the same software version (.604)

    "Broaden my horizon"?......
    Seriously?, is that's the response people get when they approach you about a problem running programs that a system was designed to run.
    As I've said the freezing only occured on one phone.

    No hostility, only stating a point.

    Ahh yes those magical unseen stats that support the 5% claim.
    I'm sure we can all trust they exist without proof, I mean when's the last time people lied on the internet?

    You seem incapable of even considering Motorola rushed out this phone without proper quality control and would rather feel superior in the false belief it's all just user error.
    Which is fine but pompous because people have a right to expect an expensive piece hardware to work correctly.

    I'm off to enjoy the weekend with a Droid X that thus far has no problems to deal with, something we should be able to say.

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