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Haven't seen 4G in 2 months

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MustangChris04, May 22, 2011.

  1. MustangChris04

    Thread Starter

    I'm posting this to see if my fellow android forum users may be able to solve this problem.

    I received a replacement Thunderbolt and it worked for a week or so. After that I haven't seen 4G. We replaced the sim and still no luck. I see random data disconnects, and after the 3G OTA update the data disconnects we not as bad but it is still not bearable.

    Over the course of 2 moths I've spoke with 3 supervisors from the call center, opened up 4 trouble tickets, and haven't received one all back for all 4 tickets. Even went to the store for them to tell me to open another ticket.

    Anybody have similar problems? I live in the heart of Orlando, and commute to Tampa, Fort. Lauderdale and Miami regularly and my coworkers are able to receive 4G without a problem. I've been with Verizon for 11 years, and it seems like time is coming to an end...

    Thanks Guys!

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  2. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Android Enthusiast

    Totally understand your pain and it is unacceptable on their part. Good job on taking the action against them!
  3. xkingofgodzx

    xkingofgodzx Android Enthusiast

    +1 im glad you have the resources to be able to do such things. I would love to give them hell for these issues. I mean i love this phone, i do. But with all of the issues with 4G, they need to do something about the problem.
  4. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    You don't pay extra for the 4g I doubt you can dispute it as you are able to get some data over 3g. Sprint charges their customers who have a 4G phone an extra $10 regardless if they live in a 4g area or not so i don't think you have a let to stand on
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  5. MustangChris04

    Thread Starter

    Here's were you're wrong:

    I do pay for 4G service 29.99 data plan, the phone was advertised as a 4g phone, and that is what made me decide to purchase the phone over another phone. I have every right to dispute with cc company and file a suit for failure to provide service, as well as service/product not as advertised, or service/product was not provided to extent in agreement.
  6. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    You pay $29.99 for your data, if you were unable to use data at all over the same period my outlook would be different. The phone is a 4g phone but if you are out of the service area you don't get 4G. Again I know and understand you are within the service area for 4G so my previous point is moot. It sounds like you need a replacement phone if you have already replaced the SIM and there is no change. As you seem to be intelligent I am sure you replaced it with a 4G sim. I would like the outcome to this being you getting your service back and an apology/compensation from VZW would be great too. However I would think they will find a way to restore your service and perhaps discounted service or credit for what you have already paid. I do wish you luck.
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  7. JEcht

    JEcht Member

    Sorry you are wrong. You pay for a data plan. Not 4g only. Its the same plan for non 4g users. You basically get a better service of 4g for free as they dont charge you extra for the 4g.

    I have a question how long did you wait until taking legal actions? I am shocked they didnt offer you a replacement phone after 4 tickets. Did they offer you a replacement phone and you declined the phone?
  8. Eric Bishop

    Eric Bishop Well-Known Member

    You're wrong. Sprint's practices have nothing to do with the contract he agreed to with Verizon. Provided he was in an area where 4G is supposed to be available and provided they were negligent in trying to address his issue, they are in breech of the contract.
  9. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    I included that because in a corporate world precedent is not only set by individual companies but by the industry as a whole. From what I have read the negligent party is the OP 4 calls in 2 months is far from being diligent. Had my 4g went out you could bet I would be on the phone with Verizon daily until the matter was resolved. If you read the contract it will outline you pay for data no speeds or networks specified if your equipment is faulty then they should replace it for you but you have to actively pursue it for resolution. If you call every two and a half weeks then involve lawyers and dispute charges on your credit card you are being lazy and are actively taken steps towards delaying reaolution. Amex will allow you to dispute any charge so their position holds no bearing. Lawyers are paid to be on the side of the party who hires them. When Verizon turns off your phone because you Amex makes it so your bill has not been paid for 2 months what will you do? Claim they have done you wrong again by failing to to keep your service on that you stopped paying for?
  10. MustangChris04

    Thread Starter

    Think about your logic you are stating, I'm not understanding your theory on why this would be acceptable. They advertised the phone as a 4G LTE phone in certain market areas, and I am not getting 4G. Plain and simple. In fact, I barley even get 3G, 75% of the time I can't even connect. And I cannot tether at all. Just because the 4G data plan is the same price as the 3G data plan, doesn't mean I am getting 4G for free. When a phone is designed to perform a certain way, and advertised to, but fails to do so, then they are in breach of contract given they do not resolve the problem.

    My contract specifically states: " 4G DATA TRANSPORT, DYNAMIC-PRIVATE IP, 4G APPLICATION ACCES"

    Nowhere does it state "3G only but as a courtesy we will give you 4G for free without any liability of it not providing service."

    Documents on my account support that Verizon was negligent in trying to fix service.

    They did not offer me a replacement after my initial 2 replacements, all four tickets involved them calling me back after "troubleshooting their data switch", but I still never received a call back, and the tickets have no actions taken, thus showing they neglected to fix the issue. I waited a few weeks any many phone calls to tech support before deciding to have my attorney step in.
  11. MustangChris04

    Thread Starter

    It's not about laziness, its about speaking with rep upon rep, opening tickets, telling me to wait for tickets to close, telling me I'll get another call back, then opening another ticket because no call was received.

    It's apparent that this game is not working, which is why getting an attorney involved will connect me with someone in the company that actually has some authority to get problems resolved.
  12. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Android Enthusiast

    Dayum a $750 chargeback. Lmao you are my freaking hero. Stick it to Verizon! Take em down one employee at a time.
  13. JEcht

    JEcht Member

    Not saying your problem is acceptable. I am saying there is no 4g or 3g data plans. THere is just a data plan at one price. either your phone needs 3g or 4g its the same price. Plus a phone that operates on 4g also gets 3g in case 4g is down or in an area that doesnt have 4g. SO you are getting 4g plus 3g at the same price as a person whose phone was made for only 3g data.

    Have you ever thought as to how many tickets are processed every day? So I guess beings you feel special that they should take care of your problem first, and everyone else should have to wait until your issue is fixed?

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