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Having Data problems, It just Stops working... and nothing brings it back.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by robles4242, Mar 13, 2016.

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    I have a LG G2 Verizon Factory Unlocked VS980.... For service I have Straight Talk on a Verizon CDMA BYOD sim. It worked great stock. I never had a problem at all. 4G LTE all night and day, as soon as i put the sim in for the first time and turned it on the first time. Well i then used iroot, and AutoRec to flash TWRP. Stock it was on 24a 4.2.2. I like KitKat more then LP alot so I didnt really want to go to LP. I first Flashed a VS980 boot variant mod CM11 and it worked great. It kept my Data straight through the Flash. It held data for weeks no problem. Well at home I use WIFI and dont every try Data so one day I have no idea Data quit working until i went out, All mobile Data just quit working and i cant even use GPS, only calls and Text, no MMS either. I came home, searched up some APNs and edited it and it came back instantly. I thought that was pretty easy. Then I wanted to test the xdabbeb 2.3.0 because i liked the stock LG KK more then a CM Rom. Data again held through the Flash and for about the same time, 2 weeks, then suddenly one day i go out, goto pull up my broswer for internet and NO DATA. So I went home and couldnt edit a APN on this ROM, Every time i set it to the APN i found i hit SAVE and it just vanished, about 30 times i typed it in over and over. So I factory reset, didnt work, Flashed to 39A and tried LP Roms, Didnt work, Changed APNs on LP roms, Didnt work. Wiped it clean, flashed BACK to Stock 26a via KDZ, Didnt work. Changed APNs on stock, and wouldnt save again like before, It would save until i changed a certian field in the APN. So i went back to CM11 and set the APN, different APNs, Variations, still wouldnt work, So I went back to 28a Baseband, and flashed Xdabbebs KK rom again and again didnt work, but I loaded a Nandroid backup of that rom from the very first time i flashed it when it did work, and that brought my data back! So i sailed smooth on it for about about a week and BOOM, gone again!! I goto the Mobile Network settings and it shows 4G and 1X almost full signals, and LTE on the status bar still, when last time it didnt show LTE or the 4G's.

    So, Im going to load this Nandroid again i suppose and see how it works, But what could be the problem? What is Changing settings wise or whatever and how? I am confused as hell on this! Can someone please help me out? I hate resetting my phone all the time, and dont want to make sure i have an OTG and my flash drive with me at all times and all my .apk's on my incase i need a weekly emergency Nandroid restore.

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