Root Having difficulties getting custom recovery to work


Hey guys!

My friend asked me to root is HTC Wildfire S, it has S-OFF and an unlocked bootloader (yay!). then I flashed (supposedly successfully) a custom recovery, but when I select RECOVERY on the HBOOT screen the device is stuck at the HTC logo and does nothing. I tried putting the zip with the weird name that HBOOT recognizes and it installs with no error. I also tried to flash it with fastboot which also writes the recovery partition with no error, but it still won't load the recovery. (Although when I try to "fastboot erase recovery" it fails saying: "FAILED (remote: not allowed)". I also tried both CWM and TWRP and neither of them worked. Anyone could help me get the custom recovery working? I also attached a image of the HBOOT screen if that helps. USB debugging is turned on, and fastboot is disabled in settings.


ps.: I also tried to use the htc super tool to root the phone but it didn't work either