Root Having issues when installing kernals

i recently installed the chop suey 9.1 universal kernal with the salvage rom and right after my phone would keep restarting until i booted to recovery. i then installed synergy with god mode and gave chop suey another try and the same thing happend. so i downloaded and installed the version made for synergy god mode and again the same thing happend. i have tried synergy with:chop suey 9.1 universal and syngery god mode, also aggressive freedom universal, and synergy god mode and they have all done the same thing. Please help and thanks in advance. tell me if you need any info on my phone or what ever you guys think is useful


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it's more likely that wiping data is messin' you up... i'd reflash the rom, boot, then enter recovery, wipe cache and dalvik, then flash kernel...

EDIT - make sure you're not flashing the rom and kernel in the same recovery... let the rom boot once, then flash the kernel...