Root having market/contacts problem


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Going from cyanogen 5.0.8 to cm6 rc2. I cannot get market to stay open and contacts won't let me import from SD. Is there a fix for this? I'm trying not to have to lose all my data by wiping. It seems stable enough except the market/ contacts issue. Tried fixing permissions, didn't help. Wondering if I need to get a updated contact- market. No idea. I've already got a backup of a wiped upgrade but was hoping this would work as my SMS data disappears with a wipe not to mention the rest of my data. Leaving the data is working more stable than when I wiped and tried that, except market/contacts. Wiping I'm getting fcs and batt pulls.
Was having the same problem earlier....just saw your post, and as much as I hate to say this....I had to wipe in order for everything to work, however I had titanium loaded with my ROM and it is amazing at getting all the apps downloaded etc. The contacts come back up with the google cloud. Hope that helps and maybe someone has an idea on how to get the contacts and market working without having to wipe, but that is probably the route you are going to have to go.