Having problem with Eclipse, Failed to load properties file for project

Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with eclipse which started 2 days ago and it's kinda pissing me off. The story is 2 days ago I was writing a code for some program which switched between 2 activities and it was working fine but suddenly it stopped working and started giving me the error
"No command output when running: 'am start -n .. after few hours the problem got fixed after I updated my eclipse but now I'm having another error when I make a new project it says " Failed to load properties file for project" and when I make a simple hello world or some other simple programs it works just fine but in some other programs that uses intent as an example, it cause problem, can anyone help please ? thnx in advance


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Yes , currently using the eclipse for windows 7 x86. I reinstalled my SDK & AVD manager, reinstalled my jdk and jre, reconfigured my eclipse as well. any idea ?