Nov 6, 2016

I recently signed up for Youtube Premium. And when I open a video, I see a download icon, and I click on it. After I click on the icon, it says: "downloading", but I never see the video on my phone. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

Thank you
In fact, there are different reasons that cause problems in downloading YouTube Premium. If you are downloading this app from the google links then there will be no problem regarding this. But if you are trying to download the crack version from different online sites then there may be a problem.
Besides this make sure that there is a proper internet connection. Also, note that you have not enabled the "Download Over Wi-fi Only" option on your phone.
Thank you for the information. I used File Manager to search for the file, but I do not see it, so I don't know if it is on internal storage or the SD card. I am not connected to WIFI, I just use my T-Mobile Internet connection to download.
Did you find your YouTube downloads??

You should get your downloads in a folder called either "download", "YouTube", sometimes they go into one called: "Android" then inside "data" and while in there look for the most related app..but yes they go in there..
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