Jul 22, 2010
I am using droid x/2 overclocking app and I am going medium and at 1.3 ghz. It freezes as soon as I set it. It goes REALLY SLOW. It takes5 minutes just so I can go to SetCpu. Other than that its REALLY slow. What am I doing wrong?
You're not doing anything wrong. Your chip just can't handle those speeds. Mine Turtles at anything above 1.15 GHz. You just have to play with it until you find your sweet spot.
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Thanks, I found it at 1.2ghz :) does it kill my battery? Is it dangerous to keep it like this all day?
mine seems to stay stable 95% of the time at 1.25 on medium.
i noticed today in the work truck with the sun on it that it got warm so i set set cpu to warn me and down clock to stock if it gets to hot.
see how it goes....
really 1.2 medium or a little lower is probably where ill put it....
i hear it can vary from phone to phone....