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Having probs sending mms over wifi?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xzero425x, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. xzero425x

    xzero425x Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    When im home i always jump on my wifi bc they is no need for 4g. Every time though i take a pic or attach one while im at home on my wifi it just hangs in the "sending" phase. If i take the wifi off..it sends?

    any ideas?


  2. You aren't able to send mms over wifi because its a service provided by your service provider and needs your data plan to send.
  3. xzero425x

    xzero425x Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That is confusing...i have comcast im pretty sure i have unlimited data with them and verizon
  4. darkuni

    darkuni Android Enthusiast

    SMS and MMS are done through your CARRIER'S connectivity - not your data package. That's why you can have NO data connectivity and still do text messages. Try it - see it works :)

    If you want to use data to send texts, use Google Voice.
  5. e24412

    e24412 Newbie

    I've had a ton of problems with this phone sending MMS messages (sending a text with an attached pic) regardless of how I am connected. Easily 70% of the time it will never go - just say "Sending..." and if it doesn't go within the first 10 seconds, it never will - I've tried waiting over 6 hours on occasion, perfect connection the whole time, and still just sits at "Sending..." so I just have to long-press the message, delete, and try again. And again. And again. Until it finally decides to go through.
  6. mattywalnuts

    mattywalnuts Well-Known Member

    this just happened to me over wifi...but it also happens over 4g...it appears that this is a larger issue with the os...theres been several occassions where i attempted to send a mms over both wifi and 4g only to find hours later or the next day my picture didnt send. only a power off and on sent the message theough
  7. Mms, since you have to DOWNLOAD a picture, is through data. SMS is through connection. Wifi is not a data connection, so it won't send. Some phones have the luxury of turning on data while wifi is on for the duration of sending an mms message.
  8. mattywalnuts

    mattywalnuts Well-Known Member

    i just had a mms go through via wifi
  9. mike420

    mike420 Member

    Yes this phone is really bugfy when it comes to sending mms and i dont csre what others say u are suplose to b able to send mms over wifi i mean ive done it with every other android ive used and tgis phone does it when it wants to which isnt very often.
  10. NAZology

    NAZology Newbie

    This happens to me too. You people are crazy who think this is normal. Its some type pof glitch and sending MMS over wifi is standard. My phone does the same crap and i end up having to email the person the pics. It needs to be fixed
  11. CharlzO

    CharlzO Android Expert

    Every time I've ever sent a MMS, it's always switched over to Network Data to send/rec, regardless of if I'm on WiFi. That was the same on my Thunderbolt as well. On that phone, if I was on wifi, it would switch over to the 3G network for the duration of the send, then back to wifi.

    So, now that people are up in arms about doing it with wifi on the Gnex, I pose a challenge to those who say they've done it on WiFi:

    Go into your settings, and disable mobile data. THEN try to send it on WiFi again, and let me know if it works.

    I ask because I simply did exactly that. The first send went through (with arrows blinking on both the WiFi and signal bars). I was expecting to see the WiFi drop away and the 3G pop up for it, but it didn't. So then I disabled mobile data completely, and it just sits here doing nothing while trying to send. Sending...Sending...Sending....and doesn't. So then I re-enabled Mobile Data again, hit resend, and 10 seconds later, sent successfully.

    This to me says that it is in fact NOT using WiFi to actually send the message. It's still using the cellular data network (as mentioned above), to do that portion. It just isn't showing it in the notification bar that anything has switched from one side to another.

    Give it a go, let us know what happens, maybe mine is just a fluke, but it'd be nice to see people's results with that.
  12. Paul1201

    Paul1201 Well-Known Member

    I have had issues with my GNex sending and receiving MMS when connected to WiFi. The issue is that the phone does not switch data modes efficiently (especially when in LTE/CDMA mode). I have had success by disabling WiFi and rebooting which forces the phone to use mobile data. I have read posts where switching airplane mode on and off after disabling WiFi has worked. Another option is switching to CDMA only. I also upgraded to the new network extender from Verizon that has voice and data capability.
  13. CharlzO

    CharlzO Android Expert

    I can imagine where some people might be having those issues as well, the phone not switching efficiently, or at all, which would definitely be frustrating. Fortunately, mine hands off back and forth well so I have no issues, but I am sure others aren't so lucky. But the fact that it SHOULD be seamless, and isn't, is what the main issue seems to be.
  14. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    I too have the exact same problem as the OP. I think there are handoff issues between 3G/4G radios and the Wifi radio. Hopefully the next update will fix this.
  15. charliecc

    charliecc Android Enthusiast

    You CANNOT send MMS over wi-fi, it goes over the carrier's data connection, end of story, if you claim otherwise you are wrong.

    Only exception to this is if you use a femtocell, although as far at the phone is concerned it's still going over the operator network, even though in reality it's going through your BB connection. But I doubt many people here are using one of those.
  16. mike420

    mike420 Member

    Pretty sure me and everyone else conplaining about this are not sayin it should send through wifi dang dude. We are saying it should send while were connected to a wifi
    To send a mms we have to turn wifi off then back on and continue what we were doing.
    And my claim and others are saying we HAVE sent mms while connected to wifi not sayin it goes through the wifi but i definitiely never had to tuen my wifi off on any other android.
  17. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    I'll also add, that I have sent multiple MMS while wifi was turned on, but it's not consistent. I run delivery reports, just to double check, as well.

    Two examples:

    Yesterday, I attempted to send a photo I had downloaded from the browser to a friend (not on Verizon), and it got caught up in "sending". Upon checking the message details in the report, it simply read "pending". About three hours later, it actually went through.

    At the same time, I sent a photo to another friend (this was taken with my camera, and they are on Verizon's network), and it went through immediately.

    Again, in both cases I was connected to my home wifi, but it's not at-all consistent (and it's not just on the Galaxy Nexus, but also my previous Droid, Charge, and Bionic).
  18. Vance

    Vance Android Enthusiast

    I am having the same problem and I think, for me at least, it has to do with having such weak data signals in so many places. When I try to send an MMS, it simply doesn't have a consistent enough data connection to make it work. It might be handing off just fine, but that will not help if there's no data connection available!

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