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Having some serious issues with the CLIQ. Can someone help?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Warghost, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Warghost

    Warghost Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. I just got my CLIQ and I am learning everything, slowly but surely. However, there are some issues I am running into already.

    1) Copying MP3's was easy enough, but there is a problem. I installed a new 16gb microSD card and unmounted the old one properly. I copied all of my music (from one folder) manually using drag & drop in Windows Explorer first, then allowed Windows Media Player 11 to sync fully. There are now duplicates of almost every song on the CLIQ. Why does this happen?? Is there a problem with WMP not recognizing that there is already a song in my phone, or is there a problem with the CLIQ? Either way, it's pretty sad that something like this could even be an issue. I have formatted my SD card and am now allowing WMP to sync without copying anything over. I just hope that the next time I connect the CLIQ to my PC that it doesn't start blindly copying all my songs to the phone again.

    2) My contacts list doesn't default to my Tmobile group. Is it really that hard to allow us to default to ONLY Tmobile contacts? I don't have phone numbers for all of my MySpace/Facebook contacts, so these contacts are basically a waste of space which make navigating my contacts list much more difficult. Can anyone add a hack/app that allows us to choose a default list of people who appear in our contact lists?

    3) When dialing someone who only has ONE phone number, it seems redundant to have to press the Phone Dial button, then press the Contacts button, then press the person's name who you want to call, then have to press the phone number that is saved in the phone. What else would I press? There's only one number! These "smart" phones are supposed to make our lives easier. It gets hard to remember that when we have to take so many completely unnecessary steps just to make a phone call.

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but this is my first new smart phone and I was expecting a lot more. So far I can completely understand why so many people are hesitant to get on the smart phone bandwagon. Unfortunately, most of these issues just seems to be simple oversight on behalf of the developers. I'm not trying to criticize, but I have a feeling that even if these issues are valid, it will be a year before anyone decides to actually fix them.

  2. IINaDII

    IINaDII Newbie

    question 1 im not to sure why you have duplicates.

    question 2 to avoid all of that i removed my fb/ms/and other social networks accounts.. now under my contacts it just has my tmobile contacts.

    question 3 i think your thinking to much.. lol
  3. realsickclown

    realsickclown Member

    On your contacts I have found my duplicates are due to the names being differant some how... on dialing you should be able long press on the contact and then select call. good luck
  4. keylala

    keylala Newbie

    For you first question: Cliq is an android base phone so it does not recognize WMP whch is a Windows base product. It will not be able to play any songs with the .wmp extension only MP3. That is what caused your duplication.

    #2 when you hit contacts at the top you can there is a bar with a plus sign on it if you tap it you can sort which contacts to display such as only your tmobile contacts. The only prob is this selection doesn't stay & you'll have to do this each time you go into contacts. So you may want to try IINaDII suggested in removing.

    there is a way to sync all your contacts so that you don't have them listed 3 different times if they have 3 different contact numbers. Simply select the contact push the menu button and tap Link contact then search for them select and then they are all linked together.

    #3 your dialing issue just go to the contact first then tap their number and its dialling for you. Not sure why you would go to the phone dialer first etc... one would use the phone dialer to just dial a number straight out. Your working to hard dude LOL

    Hope all that helps...
  5. Warghost

    Warghost Lurker
    Thread Starter

    They definitely don't make it easy, do they? I actually did go in and delete all of my music, then re-sync'ed. Now, there is only one copy of each song, which is good.

    I also did go in and link ALL of my contacts, like you recommended. I actually knew about this little trick before, but it's such a daunting task I didn't want to do it. I am carrying over 200 contacts in this phone (sync'ed from T-mobile.com) and it's a major pain in the ass having to link over 500 numbers. But, I did it. Still, I wish Android's developers were smart enough to allow us to default only our carriers' contacts in the list. Who the hell had phone numbers to every person they are friends with on Facebook/Myspace? I am friends with BANDS on both sites. I don't want to call these people!! Duh!

    Regarding the contacts pane and phone dialer pane, even the instruction manual mentions using the dialer for phone calls by clicking the Contacts pane located within the dialer, and using the Contacts pane for commenting on Facebook, etc. Redundant? Oh yes.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply. Want another challenge? I just downloaded Dolphin Browser because it supposedly has built-in Multi-touch....but SURPRISE!! It's not working! :D Any ideas? Thanks...
  6. jrizk07

    jrizk07 Lurker

    I believe on the dolphin browser they state that multi touch only works for the moto droid, I could be mistaken though. Give it time and multi touch will be working for all droid phones : )

    the contacts question with the one phone number? go directly into your contacts list from the home screen and hold your finger on their name (Long press) a menu will pop up and will give you the option to call that number directly. 2 steps instead of a million : P You could also add them to your speed dials and that'll shorten time or like with me once you call all the people you normally call they're under your frequent call list.
  7. keylala

    keylala Newbie

    yea Warghost, I'm not too famililar with Dolphin and as jrizk07 stated i thought it was only for the droid as well. But we all find a way to use all prgms so its just a matter of time for someone finds a fix for it to work on all droid phones. the crazy thing is droid is a moto phone so you'd think it would work too. crazy huh.....

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