Having trouble justifying this.


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I really am. I have the Galaxy S3... can I not just get an HDMI adapter and accomplish the same thing the OUYA does?


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It's so hard to say at this point how far the Ouya will go. They have only sent out consoles for development so far. Yes we will probably see a lot of the same things that you already get in the play store, but there is potential for developers to go above and beyond what we see in the play store. Only time will tell. It might be safer to hold off until development really takes off so you can see what kinds of games, etc. that get brought to the table!


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The main draw over a Tegra 3 phone and tablet is that this will not have or need power management. In which case, it'll be able to produce better CPU benchmarking speeds. I can't wait for my bronze-coloured one.