Having trouble sending MMS Messages

I have an Huawei Ascend Y and I'm having trouble sending MMS messages.
when I hit send it just says "sending" and never goes no where.

The picture files are small so I would assume this is not the issue.
Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this.

I appreciate the help


The Y on Strait Talk has a bad habit of shutting off it's data as part of a power save. Check to make sure that data is enabled. I went as far as installing a data widget to be able to better judge when the phone had turned off the service and to have the ability to one click it back on.

settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Mobile Data Enabled


Same problem here, if i click on the "Mobile Data Enabled", it will use data plan and i'm not sign any data plan... I kena at 1st use of 2MB then RM20... want cry... want stop it dwload but too late. Previous phone no need enable data plan also can MMS wo...