Help Having trouble upgrading SD cards

Hello and happy holidays to all.
I researched this for a bit before posting. Ive got the stock 8gb card in my phone and it's maxed out. I got a 32gb for navidad and would like to transfer all my files over. The 32 came with an normal size SD card/adapter. From the threads I've read, people said just upload the 8gb, transfer to computer and then dump it to the 32gb.

I created a folder on my desktop (Macbook) for my 8gb sd card files, and when I go to plug in my 32gb card, it wont let me dump my folder onto it. I drag it over but it gives me the not allowed icon. Am I doing something wrong? Im not a techy so if you could explain this in the easiest way possible, santa will blow your mind next year.
Thank you.


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I had problem copying while card in phone. I removed card, placed it into an adapter, and then placed the adapter directly in the computer SD card slot. Work perfectly!


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That's what I've been doing. I no longer have the media cord adapter.
I inserted the 8GB into the adapter, dumped everything into a folder, replaced the 8GB with the 32GB and when I try to click and drag the folder over to the SD icon on my desktop, it wont let me. For that matter, it wont let me drag anything onto it, even stock pictures on my laptop.

How did you upload?


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are you copying from the evo as a usb drive, removing the evo from the computer, taking out the battery, swapping the sd card, putting the battery back in, then reconnecting the evo as a usb drive and dumping that way?


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You stated You were doing this in Mac. I don't do apples and windows however you could dload a live Linux cd and go from there. Best bet is put 32 gig in phone and then tell phone to partition it then hook phone up to comp turn on disk and copy over from computer