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Havoc: Zombie Survival

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by knik1985, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Game with elements of survival. You have to overcome a difficult path through the infected hordes of aggressive zombies of the area.
    The safely shoot the zombies from the rifle or, neatly stacking headshot from a pistol with a silencer, sneak through their territory - the choice is yours. The game has a campaign and an arcade mode 'on duty', where You have to reflect one zombie attack after another.
    The main goal in the levels is to reach the point (green area) in the end of scene.
    There are three difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard).
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You play as an experienced stalker who is committed to delivering important information to a distant scientific laboratory. Along the way, our hero awaits endless crowds of aggressive zombies, flooded all around. The task of the player to get undetected to his goal, clearing his way with clear shots to the head of a zombie. If the player is found, then he will be inevitably attacked by a group of zombies. In this case, the player has a Kalashnikov to his disposal. But the problems are not limited by bloodthirsty zombies, our hero is also awaited by automatic machine-gun turrets placed by someone, which must be carefully avoided. Game process: The player must move along the route to the end of the location. Your arsenal consists of a pistol with a silencer, an automatic rifle and an axe. To aim you need to use the right display area, to open fire twice tap on the display. If you start to shoot from a rifle, then a part of the zombie will react to the sound of the shot. Therefore, try to fire a pistol with a silencer, but it is important to get into the head for the instant death of the enemy, otherwise you will be discovered. To replenish health, the player can pick up canned food and water, to use them double tap on the icon in the inventory. To pick up an object, drag it to your inventory. Zombies in the level will never end and new ones will come to the place of the destroyed. Try to move without falling into the field of visibility of zombies and machine gun turrets. Game features: • three difficulty levels • special mode “on duty” • good optimization • two strategies for completing levels (kill zombies or get around it) • three types of weapons • unusual mix of stealth and runner genres

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