Dr. Feelgood
Aug 30, 2011
S-ON Kernel Installer - xda-developers

It looks like moderator Haus over at Xda has ported a solution for those of us with kernel flashing troubles.

Basically, If S-ON and 1.15 it will install the kernel when the ROM boots.
Hopefully Devs start incorporating this soon
I assume devs will add this to their Rom package right off the bat correct?

Or will this be flashed like a theme or mod after the Rom is flashed?

I'm used to seeing updater scripts in themes and mods, never really tinkered too deeply with roms.

Very good news none the less, make kernels that much easier for perm-rooters. :)
From my understanding it tries to flash the kernel normally, and if that fails (hboot 1.15), has a script installed onto system that will install the kernel during the ROMs first boot.

I don't have the coding know-how you guys do though, so that may be completely off