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HDMI + 4G Netlix = Battery sucking demon

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rushmore, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. rushmore

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    Today I streamed Vampire Circus on Netflix after reading the review at DVD Drive-in (love Hammer horror films). Normally when attempting HDMI, the Razr would at some point, lock up and reboot. This time, I was able to browse for about an hour and then watch a movie with no reboot :) That was the good news, but the bad is in spite of a fully charged (I checked) Razr, the 87 minute movie resulted in 35% battery left- while charging. I knew that using standard USB to charge would be a net negative, but not THAT much. Jeesh.

    Next test is to watch a movie with 4G on the Atrix lapdock (GREAT device) and see if same low volt charge.

    BTW, the movie played great and sound in sync :)

    In the Razr's defense, the battery life result would be the same for all current 4g devices via HDMI and standard USB charging.


    Just streaming 4G does not appear to cause the huge net negative on charge. Charge keeps up. HDMI must draw some serious juice (or it is a bug).

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