Jan 15, 2021
Hello all,

I am trying to do some streaming online from my android VIVO IQOO neo 3.

I bought a Video Capture Card and a USB c hub with hdmi output but it did not work. I tried with another one and I get the same thing!

On Amazon sellers are claiming that the Hub is working with android phones but I did not get noting on mine.

I did some research and have seen people using a simple adapter with jus one HDMI output and it worked for them. But the issue here that I wanna try playing games with Ethernet and I really need and adapter with both of them (HDMI + Ethernet). I noticed also that even if these Hubs cost money they don't deliver a fast recharge to the phone and it keeps draining battery while connected to them.

Have you guys any idea of how I can connect my phone to the Capture Card with HDMI without using any app (as apps use CPU with results in game lag) and have Ethernet in the same time while my phone is charging well?

I also thought to connect a splitter with 3 type C female and put:

- recharge caple
- hdmi simple adapter
- Ethernet simple adapter

But I really don't have a clue if this will work or broke my phone :)

Thank you in advance!