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HDMI Mirroring

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bogie, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Bogie

    Bogie Member
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone used the HDMI Mirroring to their TV? My television tells me that the audio output from the phone is in a bad format. It still plays sound from netflix and video is fine but the sound quality is poor with occasional crackles/hisses and some synchronization issues.

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  2. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    Maybe your cable. Mine works great!
  3. Bogie

    Bogie Member
    Thread Starter

    What brand of television?

    I'm going to try with a different when I get home from work. If problem persists I'll take the cable to Verizon store and exchange.
  4. rocket97

    rocket97 Guest

    Do you need the webtop dock thing in order to do it or can you go straight from the phone to the TV? I haven't tried it obviously but I was just curious if the dock was required.

    web experience adapter
  5. Bogie

    Bogie Member
    Thread Starter

    There is a cable so you can go right from the phone to the tv. When you plug it in the phone asks if you want to start mirroring.
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  6. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast

  7. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    My tv is some off brand lcd. Great tv that ive had for 3+ yrs. I think Oliviea? Something like that....
  8. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    I believe the occasional crackling with Netflix over HDMI is a known issue. My wife and I both have this issue with our Bionics, and I've seen it mentioned in the forums as well. I can stream Google Music beta over HDMI with no crackling, and Netflix doesn't crackle when played through the phone speaker, so it seems to be a weird bug with just this combination (Netflix + HDMI). Not sure if we need a Netflix update to fix it or what. I also ordered a longer HDMI cable, so I can test that when it arrives to completely rule out a faulty cable.
  9. jvan212

    jvan212 Lurker

    Has anyone figured out a work around for NFL Mobile app yet. It would be awesome to watch on the big screen, even if it was a bit pixelated
  10. cobb_cruiser

    cobb_cruiser Lurker

    I don't get any crackling, but playing Netflix via HDMI mirroring is extremely choppy - too annoying to watch. When I watch Netflix straight from the phone I get excellent playback and quality.

    As Somniferum says, "it seems to be a weird bug with just this combination (Netflix + HDMI)". I really hope they fix this issue as the Netflix option was a significant decision point in my purchase of the Bionic.
  11. Bogie

    Bogie Member
    Thread Starter

    It must be the TV. I connected to my "generic" brand LCD and everything works great. So I guess the lesson is high-end TV's suck for HDMI mirroring.

    Netflix was still a bit choppy though. Streaming stuff from my computer using zumocast worked great.
  12. pbj84

    pbj84 Newbie

    Tested hdmi cable only to TV and also to a projector and both work fine.
  13. fmmfl

    fmmfl Lurker

    I registered here just to quote this. My biggest gripe with this phone and HD dock.
    I have a bunch of blue ray backups encoded at 720p and none of them play back for crap. All sorts of choppiness and it's not even viewable. Wouldn't you think a phone that records '1080p' could at least play back 720?
  14. fmmfl

    fmmfl Lurker


    I've reproduced the same problem on my 'high-end' living room TV and my bedroom (not so high-end) TV.
  15. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast

    I wonder if the app "Act 1 Video Player" would work for playback.

    I know for a FACT, that the software "DVD Catalyst 4" can and will CONVERT videos that can play in HD on the Droid Bionic. It only cost me $10. Here is their website: http://www.tools4movies.com/
  16. fmmfl

    fmmfl Lurker

    I installed MX video player and the playback was the same. It appears to be some sort of hardware limitation:(
  17. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    With most Android devices, its not that 720p is the limitation, but some of the advanced settings used to encode the video to H264. Things like the profile (main, baseline, high) as well as Cabac, Reference frames etc are not supported fully, so you end up with either unplayable files or stuttering playback. Of course, the audio format from your files is also a big factor. 5.1 audio is problematic, and will either result in hissing or no audio at all.

    Players like Dice, Rock, Mobo can make those files play, however, because they use a software-based decoding engine, rather than the hardware, the processor speed as well as the optimizations used in their codecs become a major factor in playback as well.
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  18. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast

    Thank you, I was just mentioning your software and how it works well for me. I appreciate your educated opinion on this.
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  19. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    Bitrate is probably an issue too. Not sure what the phone can handle for playback.
  20. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    I am not sure about the Bionic, but on a Xoom I stopped at 20Mbps H264 (1080). On my Droid X and my NOOKcolor, I think I stopped at 5000Kbps. In all cases the video played back fluently, so I would expect the Bionic to be able to handle 5000 easily.

    The 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 seems to be in the Playbook as well, and on that I also managed to play a 1080 video at 20Mbps
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  21. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    Yep. Still 5mpbs should be no problem even for mp4 decoding.
  22. xyvyx

    xyvyx Lurker

    I think the issues are in the HDMI conversion... even still photos look washed out & grainy.

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