Android Expert
Jul 15, 2010
If I use mirror mode to control my phone using my tv as a monitor, can i use a blue tooth mouse like in the video.

Motorola Photon 4G HDMI-Out Demo - YouTube

NOTE: This is the photon 4G, it is using the webtop dock and you see in the video that a WIRED mouse is plugged into the dock. He uses the mouse to move around.

1) can i get a bluetooth mouse and hook it up to the Droid Bionic? Just a normal BT mouse and the Bionic will relize its a mouse?

2) Can I use a mornal bluetooth keyboard to type on web pages and stuff?

3) Does verizon sell that little remote thing? How much is it? If VZW doesnt sell it, can i use the one from sprint? WIll it act as a mouse? And does it connect to the phone useing Bluetooth or does it need the webtop adapter?

Basically, i just want to be able to hook up my phone using ONLY an HDMI cable. I dont want the dock cause i have a case....

I think you might be able to use the keypad. Your mouse prob will not work because there is no cursor on the main screen.