Apr 27, 2011
Okay So I have 2 questions first I got a text yesterday saying that I reached my fair limit use so my speeds are reduced. Okay I get why they do it but I thought it was 5 gigs but I found out that it is cut off at 2 gigs. What is this att service? And the amount that they reduced it to was not even 100 kbps so is that edge or what? earilr that day I hit 10 mbps what a difference. Sorry I am venting guys let me get to my questions. first since They cut me should I set my phone to use 2g network only to save battery power?

Okay the next question is I just got my HDMI wire what do I use it for? I only have a laptop that has an HDMI port and I hooked it up and It did nothing. I think I can use it to mirror and to play videos right? How do I get it to work? The laptop is running win 7 ultimate and it is and intel i3-370m dual core processor 2.40 gighrtz with 4 gig ddr3 memory it should be able to to handel anything that the g2x has to offer.

If anyone can help this poor inexperienced user I would greatly apriceate it. And One more thing I want to say is I love this phone I have had minimal issues with it It is my first android phone and I am inpressed. Tmobile has been prety good to me also my main issue is with their customer sevice and the lack of organization and english speaking people I dont mind people who dont speak english very well but I dont want them trying to fix my problems when they dont even understand them. But all in all I am a happy G2x user.
T-Mobile offers two data plans, one for 2GB and one for 5GB. It sounds like you may be on the wrong plan for what you were expecting. They let you change plans easily enough, so you might want to consider that.

As for the HDMI cable, you can use that to connect to your TV or a larger external monitor. Your computer's HDMI port is probably the same, made to send information for display on a larger monitor or a TV.

Nice to hear you are enjoying your phone.
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hey thank you for the info. I am on the 79.99 a month plan I thougfht that included unlimited data with the clause that you have a 5 gig cap on the 4g so if I call them they will let me pay more and they will cap it at 5gigs? Is that what you are saying? Because I would gladly pay a little more for the 5 gigs but they did not offer that to me as an option when I called to find out what was going on. Then again like I stated before they barly understand what the problem is let alone make suggestions to sell. So I will ggo to my local store and find out what is up and make changes there if I can thank you for the info I really apriciate it
ok thanks I thought so so there is no way to fix this issue? I dont care about texting and unlinited minutes. I barly use 100 min a month so 500 is more than enough and now that I am on a regular plan instead of flexpay if I have to send a text it is cheap enough. I will maybee use 5 max 10 texts in a month. When I had my bb and Inwas on flexpay I didnt even have text messages I just didnt use them.
HDMI wire is for you to hook it up to your HDMI TV so you can watch movies from your phone to your TV.The charger comes with the wire to hook up to your computer or labtop to use your phone internet service but they never told you that or that you have to buy the service called thethering for weekly or a monthly service charge of $14.99 a month which can be cheaper then the cable company if look at it but you need to be in an area with 3g or 4g service but that's what you get with the T-Mobile G2x phone.
ok thanks I thought so so there is no way to fix this issue?

If you didn't buy your phone at Radio Shack where it seems they may only offer a 2GB plan, I suggest your call T-Mobile or stop by one of their stores and discuss your options. They are very flexible and allow you to change plans as your needs change. Let them know you thought you had the 5GB plan and see what they have to say. I have an older Loyalty Plan when I purchased my G2X and they asked me if I wanted the 2GB or 5GB option. I chose the 5GB.
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Thanks for all your help fellas. I went to my Mobile store where the guy is really cool and takes care of me. So what happened was when I switched to the 79.99 plan That plan only has 2 gigs of 4g and unlimited edge. Of course the idiots at customer care did not tell me that. I thought that I was switching to a better plan you know truly unlimited but thats not a big deal I have come to expect that from customer care. It may not be convenient but I am only going to my store from now on only in extreme emergencies will I call the dopey idiots. Anyway all I had to do was switch back to my original plan and pay the $30 unlimited data plan. The manager assured me that I will have 5 gigs. I am paying a little more about $10 dollars a month but I don't care about that. So I figured I would let you know So you guys know whats up. And again thank you for all of your advice.