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General HDMI Video Capture HDCP Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by varxtis, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Not too long ago I had posted a forum here to try and figure out how to output a Tablet (at that time I had the SGT 10.1. But now I have the SGN 8.0) to a tv or computer in an effort to do video capturing of an android device for tutorial projects I wanted to make. Members helped greatly in explaining to me how to output using HDMI. Unfortunately there was no real "Free" or "Root" way of getting the video capture material that I needed, and found out I'd have to settle for hardware, like a Game Capture Card. Now Im finally in a position to get one, but Im already finding additional problems with the HDCP. The following are devices Ive looked at, and tried to research specs and ratings:
    Hauppauge hd pvr 2
    Elgato Capture HD
    Roxio game capture hd pro (which I actually purchased, but it kept coming up as "Protected Signal" when I plug it in using HDMI)
    Diamond GC1000

    I feel that this should be an appropriate request of information as roxio, hauppauge, and Diamond all advertise as being able to record PS3 even though it is HDCP. Unless maybe they're saying you must use YPbPr.

    So my two questions are:

    1.) Is there a product that supports HDMI HDCP devices to capture video from a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0?
    2.) If you don't know, do you know if there is a YPbPr adapter out there that I can't seem to find in order to output video from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 by another means than HDMI?


  2. varxtis

    varxtis Newbie
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    Nobody know of any ideas or suggestions?

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