Headphone headache


Hey all,

I am looking to get a set of headphones for the Desire which have volume control, mic and forward and backward etc.

The stock headphones are not bad surprisingly but no volume control and the ear buds are very large and are not the most comfortable.

I have read a lot about the sony MW600 bluetooth (BT) headphones but concerned about sound quality over BT. Does anyone have any experience of these and whether they are worth it over wired headphones with no controls as I can't find any wired headphones with the controls I am looking for that will work with the Desire!

The benefit of the bluetooth is I can connect the headphones I find the most comfortable to the adaptor.

Any help appreciated :)


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I've literally JUST bought these today


I've only had a little listen with them but they sound really nice. but the remote doesn't work with the stock music app, I'm currently using music mod, brilliant media app, well recommend these earphones
If you want cheap and cheerful Bluetooth headphones, try these:

7dayshop.com - Online Store

The sound quality is surprisngly good for the price, and the forward/back buttons work. You'll look like a cyberman wearing them in public, as they are quite large over the ears, but for wearing in the bath at home they are ideal.