Help Headphone issues...

Had my S3 for around a year and everything has been working fine. Until the other day.... I got on the bus to go to school and my Samsung earphones don't sound right. They don't pick up the vocals and a lot of the sounds are gone and i'm left with a tinny sound of the odd note here and there. I tried it with my PC headphones, same issue. Some slightly broken SoundMagic PL11's, same issue. However, I tried it with my guitar amp, mom's JVC earphones and the auxiliary feature in my car and they work...
Today my JVC earphones arrive and I have the exact same problem as before..
I have looked inside the jack and removed a huge bit of fluff and no luck.

Will I need to get a new jack/speaker unit or what shall I do because I can't send it back as I need my phone every day....


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Hello and welcome Terrabytez:)
What music player app do you use?
The reason I ask, is I had an issue with PowerAmp with the same symptoms you are describing.


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Hmmm, whilst it may be an issue with the headphone jack, you can try one more thing.
Go to your menu/settings/manage applications/all and scroll to your stock music player and clear the cache and data. (sorry for the late reply by the way...I'm at work:) )
But, doing so will wipe your settings for it....which sometimes is no big deal. Is your music stored on the internal or external sd?


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All music is stored on a SD card
And no worries, I appreciate the help :)

ok, well either internal or external, do you have a backup of the music? (I really don't think you will lose it with what I suggested above, I really don't, but just in case, back up your music, then try my suggestion) :)

Edit: perhaps try some "air in a can" and blow out the jack?


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Nothing was lost and no result. I will grab the compressor tomorrow after school and give it a blow. If not then I think it's time to order a replacement speaker/jack unit.