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Headphone Jack!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vikingjunior, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. vikingjunior

    vikingjunior Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I tried plugging in the PRE and BB headphones and either you really have to force this in there or they just don't fit. Anyone try PRE or BB headphones and did you really have to push them in there, I'm just so scared of breaking something?

  2. avengence

    avengence Member

    I tired the iphone ones and they dont work :(

    I guess I will just use my sennheiser headphones for music and get a bluetooth headset for talking on the phone.
  3. LxMxFxD

    LxMxFxD Android Enthusiast

    my $9 JVC earbuds work great :)
  4. vikingjunior

    vikingjunior Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well that's good to know as that was what I was going to try next, I really wished HTC would of put some headphones in the box.
  5. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Android Enthusiast

    My BB bold ones were a little tight on the last click.

    I haven't tried my fancy ones yet, just the set I had at work. Had to sream some youtubeHQ :D
  6. reallynotnick

    reallynotnick Android Enthusiast

    If by "don't work" you mean you can't control volume, then yes. Otherwise the middle button, mic, and earbuds work just fine.
  7. adseguy

    adseguy Well-Known Member

    The iphone ones work. I have them. Shove REALLY hard. I hard to really dig in. I got better after the first time. Kinda like women??!?!?
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  8. Synthetickiller

    Synthetickiller Well-Known Member

    My iPhone headphone works too. Fits fine, no issue inserting it.
  9. lyons238

    lyons238 Android Enthusiast

    my itouch headphones fit fine. a little tight on the last click...thats about it. im sure after a little while of using headphones this would work fine.
  10. NSXLA

    NSXLA Well-Known Member

    My BB Tour headphones work just fine =]
  11. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    My beats by dre fit in with ease and also my cord for my car had no problem
  12. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Yeah I have had to do this with my Hero and my Zune as well... it seems like you are going to break something put it is fine to shove them in (yes that is what she said sigh)
  13. TheBlackPrince

    TheBlackPrince Well-Known Member

    This sir is the best post i've read all day.
  14. ZuraX

    ZuraX Lurker

    I tried my iPOD Touch ones and wouldn't work. FM Radio wouldn't work. I went and bought a cheap pair and tried them. It goes in farther but I have to move it around some to get it to be seen and if I move the cord at all it loses the headphones.
  15. manhattanmarg

    manhattanmarg Lurker

    my Pre headset went in just fine - also purchased a set of Earpollution Luxe (said for Iphone on the box) and they also went in just fine - ;)

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