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Headphones icon permanent onscreen

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hemato, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. hemato

    hemato Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Something weird happened to my phone!
    The headphones and mic icon showed up onscreen and i can't turn it off...even though nothing's plugged.
    Anyone has a clue on what to do?
    I can't talk on the phone , only If I actually plug the headphone and mic set!

  2. wheat3000

    wheat3000 Lurker

    Just started having almost exactly the same problem - the headphone icon is showing (although, without the microphone as you describe) when no headphones are connected. Plugging in the HTC headset makes the microphone part of the headset icon appear and removing them makes the microphone bit disappear.

    I will be taking it in to Telus for service/exchange, hopefully without hassle! Tried uninstalling recent software, power cycling, and pulling the battery. Even bit the bullet and did a factory reset, all of these things to no avail, which suggests to me that this is most likely a hardware problem. But then, I've had the phone for under 2 months and treat it like a baby, and hadn't even used any headphones in it for weeks - except to try to troubleshoot this issue when it arose seemingly out of the blue - so, you never know.
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover

    Happened to me once, fixed by turning the phone off, then back on. Hasn't happened since.
  4. vincento

    vincento Lurker

    Damn! Bringing this post upp again as it happened here aswell.. It started after turning on airplane mode some days ago, still there. Have tried to restart and removing the battery. Haven't tried factory reset yet, but it did not helped "wheat 3000" so probabily wont help me either.. Any new solutions for this extremely annoying problem?

    Read somewhere that this will get fixed in firmware update, but it never gets released. HTC get youre act together! Or i, and many of my friends, will never buy htc again!

    Sorry for the bad english, thanks for reply!
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  5. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    This may not exactly be a cure, but I'm sure I've heard of apps that can manually disable/enable the microphone. They were suggested for people when the hero wasn't detecting the headset/headphones, but they should help you too.

    I'll have a google.

    EDIT: I found one on the market when I searched 'Toggle Headset', but it's a paid app. I can't guarantee it'll fix your problem, but it might be worth a shot.
  6. vincento

    vincento Lurker

    Thanks. Yes i know there is a app for it. But it's not a good soultion if you ask me..

    Here it is btw: toggleheadset - Project Hosting on Google Code you have to enable installation of non market place apps first..

    So, there is not any other cure then..? Annoying, hope htc will fix it. Or maby return it to the shop for service.. Thanks again
  7. Ronald19

    Ronald19 Guest

    It has been a while since the last post,

    but I just wanted to say that I had the same problem and the app fixed it for me. There was no post, that the app actually fixed to problem, so..

    Funny thing is that after installing, the app won't show in the main menu. But go to the home screen, find some empty space, press the + sign in the right bottom of your screen, select widget and Headset Toggle Widget.

    It works,

    Thanks all
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  8. silverback15

    silverback15 Lurker

    I used the toggleheadset app and it worked straight away thanks for that really appreciated the info:D
  9. maxtic

    maxtic Lurker

    My HTC is away show icon headphone and it can't talk. I found solution for fix it call app in market "HTC Headphone Fix"

    If your HTC the headphones and mic icon showed up onscreen and can't turn it off...even though nothing's plugged. Your HTC it stuck headset icon.
    So you can't talk with normal mic on your phone , Only use with smalltalk. This widget can fixes problems with the 3.5mm headphone/headset fix jack HTC on android
    - Fix HTC the headphone jack that now it thinks there is headphone plugged in at all times
    - Automatic fix HTC to default mic/speaker phone output
    - Allows manual or automatic toggle of the headphones connector output. So you can manual routing to the headphones output
    After installing, press Menu button at the home screen, then add "HeadSet Fix" to widget

    Now my HTC is normal talk ,No cost fixed , I happy with this app.
  10. piersmcg

    piersmcg Lurker

    I got the same error a couple of days ago after my HTC Hero crashed using Navigation. The icon has remained on, even after I've installed this fix, and rebooted. :thinking:

    I've noticed that the little light does not come on any more as well - when charging or indicating operation.

    What is the cause of this error? Can anyone help?

  11. techie286

    techie286 Lurker

    Hi Vincento,

    I am going nuts over this problem and eagerly need to get rid of this. I feel like throwing away and never get back to HTC.

    However, I would like to take one last chance; I have downloaded Toggleheadset, but what do I do next..?? Can u please help :thinking:

  12. techie286

    techie286 Lurker

    Thanks a lot Ronald. Finally got rid of the irritating icon ;)


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