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Headphones with mic and working track control

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by jpc0233, Aug 15, 2010.

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    So about two months ago I decided that I wanted to find some good headphones to go with my Moto Droid. I then realized a few manufacturers included headphones that have a built in mic and music track controls so I decided to search for one that would work with the Droid. You should note that I am using mixZing for my music player and not the stock music app. After much trial and error (or purchasing and returning to bestbuy...hehe) I found a couple that fully worked, track control and answering calls. The first were SkullCandy Full Metal Jackets, though the track control was a little sketchy to get to skip to the next track. The other pair I found were made by Griffin. These were about half the price of the SkullCandys but the sound quality kinda sucks.

    So I was in Best Buy yesterday looking at new models of headphones that have come out and found a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort ear buds with mic. They don't mention a thing about having track control on them, nor do they support the Droid at all, but indeed they do work. Using the track control is just like the others.....one button push is pause/play, two button pushes skips to the next track, then of course the push-to-answer when a call is coming in. So not only do they fully work with the Droid, but they sound amazing....it is Bose after all.

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    I use the Motorola S9-HD bluetooth headphones with a Sony bluetooth adapter for the iPod with my iPod Touch.

    It is a little costly, but I would never go back to wired headphones. The sound quality is good, the controls work perfectly, and it's a breeze to pair. I highly recommend it if you want to use your iPod while active.

    I use this setup for cycling and indoor climbing - works perfectly.

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