Headphones with Mic (For use on Motorcycle)



I am looking for a Headset (preferably in-ear) for use while riding my motorcycle.

Key Features:
Clear Voice Sent (At speeds of +75 mph)
Clear Voice Received (At speeds of +75 mph)
Music quality isnt a concern (but is a plus if other features are met)

Looking to use with Google App "Android Intercom" (Or similiar app) for 2-way communication with another rider.

Please let me know if any further clarification is needed.
All suggestions welcome!

~Thank you for your time


Android Enthusiast
I can tell you what not to try: Etymotic MC-5's. I used a pair of ER-6i's until they literally fell apart. Good sound quality (via Sena's SMH10 - works well for phone, intercom, and music/gps) and good noise control. But they're no longer made. MC-5's were recommended as a good alternative. The sound quality is good but the drivers are longer than the ER-6i's, making for problems putting a helmet on or taking it off as well as driving the buds into your ears. Oh, yeah, and the back housing of one of my buds broke off while taking off my helmet. Not Recommended.

Shure SE215's have been suggested as another alternative, but they're on the spendy side.

BTW, as a fairly competent sport-touring rider ('03 BMWK1200RS), phone calls at 75+? Not a good idea. Also, keep in mind that headphones of any sort in a motor vehicle (2, 3, 4, or more wheels) is often illegal. Obviously I'm not opposed to using phones but "use your buds responsibly".

DISCLAIMER: I have no connection with Etymotic, Shure, or Sena Technologies save as a customer.