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Headphones with track change, mic and play / pause / answer/ hang up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xj26, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. xj26

    xj26 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Can you help me find headphones which have full audio controls and mic for the Samsung Fascinate i500?

    I'm looking for
    - microphone
    - play / pause / answer/ hang up button
    - track change (double click to go forward, triple click for back)
    - volume control would be nice but isn't required

    I switched from a iPhone 3GS and I might dump the Fascinate and go to the iPhone 4G if I can't find headphones that have these controls (I'm in and out of mass transit and I need all of these features at my finger tips - bluetooth is not suitable). But then again, I do hate iTunes.

    From my research it seems that the Fascinate might not support track change control at all. If that's the case I at least want to be able to pause / play, answer calls and hang up without having to take my phone out (the iPhone does all of this). And, yes, I tested the iPhone headphones on the fascinate and they do not work - in fact they make some disturbing sounds when the buttons are pushed (implying the electrical contacts do not even match up correctly)

    Here's what I've learned, please help me fill in the missing information -

    HTC RC E160 - seems to have play / pause controls for incredible and evo, not sure about fascinate- do you know?

    HTC HD2 - does this work on the Fascinate?

    Samsung Galaxy S Black headset (I can't seem to find a real name, maybe these aren't really from Samsung?) - has mic and on/off switch? - I can't find a description of the what the on/off switch does. Also appears as "OEM Samsung i637 M800 R800 R630 T939 U490 i920 Headset" on amazon.

    NuForce NE-7M - Mic only, appears to have a button but I haven't been able to confirm if button works with the Fascinate. Please let me know if you know the functionality of the button with the Fascinate.

    Verizon VZWBUDSHST35 - no idea, they look lame but Verizon website claims they work.

    Adapters only:
    Griffin SmartTalk - does the mic / button work on the fascinate?
    iLuv iEA15 - does the mic / button work on the fascinate?

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  2. droid928

    droid928 Newbie

    I have the skullcandy 50/50s and inline mic, pause, play, answer, hangup work, not track skip or volume..these didnt work until the last update, so its a software issue. Im very happy with it now, hopefully another fix will get the other stuff working.

    I also bought the samsung ear buds, but havent used them recently bc the skullcandy has such superior sound quality for a good price. I recommend them and always looking at others.

    I wouldnt switch to an iphone for that reason though, but thats up to you. :)
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  3. karib

    karib Android Enthusiast

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