Jan 3, 2013

I search a new headset for my Xperia S.

Sadly my girlfriends bunny bit the old one in two pieces. Plus I did not like it too much. It was too quiet and it only had one button.

I bought the Ultimate Ears 200vi from Logitech but sadly the buttons and the mic dont work. With a TRRS-adapter it got only wors just one headphone worked.

So I am searching a new one. The Headset I search has to has 1 Button to take on calls/Play/Pause and 2 buttons for skipping/making louder or more quiet.

It doesnt matter if the Headset directly has those buttons or like THIS Bluetooth Headset is a Headset where I can put my Headphones in. I would prefer the first one, but both work for me.

I wand to pay max 40
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