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Headset mic audio stopped working/barley working. Software issue.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RoyZ777, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    My LG G3 is giving me a hard time, when I connect a headset, its microphone isn't working or it does but it's barley audible compared to the device's own mic.
    The headphones part is working as usual and when the headset is connected sounds goes only through them like it should.

    I've started using this headset a few days ago and it worked like a charm but then it's suddenly stopped working like it had been.

    Fortunately I have another LG G3 on hand, so first I checked the headset with it and it works perfect.

    So then I've replaced the 3.5 audio jack from the other G3 into my own to figure out if it is causing the problem and it is NOT,
    since I got no improvement in my own phone and I also put MY jack in the other G3 and it worked there flawlessly with two different headsets.

    I've been trying to record into / monitor with two different apps (lg audio recorder and another another one).

    I've killed all apps running in the background. I've restarted numerous times, ran CCleaner to clear cache memories and whatever.

    At one point a few days ago, maybe it was just before it started (and this might be a clue) the "plugged device" icon or "headset" icon on the notification bar stayed even after I've disconnected the headset and I think I needed to restart the phone but if i'm not wrong the headset kept working after that.

    I was trying to find any kind of audio service to restart or anything like that but I didn't find any, I just killed them all to see if it helps.
    I've also tried using "soundabout" app to try to force the audio path to the headset and played with some settings but to no avail (I disabled soundabout service after that attempt).

    Right now I see no other option but a hard reset and I'm pretty sure it will solve the issue. but I hate going through backing up and restoring everything. and even so, who said this issue won't happen again? I've tried to search for an answer but found nothing like my problem on the web.

    I just read something old from 2013 that mentions a bug in android audio. not sure it's related. something about "AudioPolicyMangerBase" (it seems I can't post links yet) from an app that had a switch to switch between headset mode or phone mode. but in any case it's no longer maintained. again, not sure it's related.

    Update: Now I got no sound with two different headsets on the SECOND LG G3 as well. it seems messing with it around, plugging and unplugging messes with it's software somehow and maybe it locks the audio route in a way that it's can't work.

    Any way to reset all audio ins/outs routes in the device?

    I'll appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!


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