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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by zuben el genub, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. zuben el genub

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    I've got it, and have backed up the Oppo. But I've never had to reinstall anything since I hadn't factory reset nor rooted the phone.

    How can you double check exactly what is backed up and will reinstall from the saved files?

    I bought most of the Green Mountain Digital Audubon guides. Once from Google, and once from Amazon.
    (Google said the Oppo couldn't use the apps, so I repurchased for 99 cents each from Amazon and they run just fine on the Oppo.

    I don't want the new updated versions. Audubon has taken more of a lead, and wants everyone on the forums and socializing. I've been a member of a couple of local Audubon societies and the propaganda, other nonsense and demanding extra money got to be a real drag. Nothing about helping the local wild life. Green Mountain makes Keurig, and you know what happened when Keurig installed DRM in the coffee serve cups.

    I have not updated any of the apps to the new versions. All they added was social junk, not new birds.
    If I back all these up with Helium, how can I make sure that all of the bits and pieces for the old apps to run are there? Check file size?

    Thinking about a new phone (TMo and changing bands) - how will this transfer to another phone from Helium?


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