Hell freezing over? Google, Apple and Samsung teaming up.


Apparently, Google, Apple and Samsung (among others) are teaming up to buy Kodak's patents for 1/5th the price initially sought by Kodak.

Sounds like sharks teaming up to feed on the dying...

Apple, Google, and Samsung Teaming Up in Effort to Acquire Kodak Patents - Mac Rumors

Following last month's report that Apple and Google were heading up separate consortiums bidding to obtain Kodak's portfolio of digital imaging patents, The Wall Street Journal now reports that the two camps may surprisingly be joining the same team. The negotiations are reportedly seeing Apple joining forces with its courtroom foes Samsung and HTC, as well as smartphone platform rival Google, in an effort to obtain the patents for a price well below that sought by Kodak.

The report notes that the large consortium of competitors is seeking to purchase Kodak's patent portfolio for "more than $500 million", above opening bids but well below the $2.2-$2.6 billion Kodak has been hoping to win. A win by the consortium could help prevent litigation over the patents by keeping them out of the hands of a single company, but antitrust regulators could raise complaints over the move.

As a result of the volatile negotiations, Kodak has extended bidding several times and has indicated that may end up pulling some or all of its patents from the auction block if pricing is not in line with what it feels it needs to assist with its bankruptcy issues.


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What? They're gonna buy them, sit round a table and share them out?!

Apple: bagsy "digital image preview on physical display"

Apple: bagsy "hardware button captures image"

Apple: bagsy "gallery style image display"

Apple: bagsy "display selected variables on screen"

Apple: bagsy "use on screen menus to change settings"

Apple: ooohhhh bagsy "software shutter noise"

Apple: Samsung, HTC - you're screwed

Samsung: d'oh
HTC: d'oh
Google: duh doy


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So, in a couple of weeks they'll all be suing each other over these newly bought patents.... awesome.

On a side note, I wish I would have become a corporate lawyer, specialized in the technology field. >_>


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Not very surprising actually Companies Sue each other all the time then turn around and do a joint venture that is in both's best interest. In this case it's a few more than 2