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Hell to the yes! My Google I/O EVO is in the mail!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheBiles, May 22, 2010.

  1. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  2. acp

    acp Android Expert

    new threads started for this never get old.

  3. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well there isn't a unified "just got my EVO" thread yet, so oh well. Also, I don't see why everyone acts like there is some kind of limit about how many threads can be on this board at once.
  4. Clock

    Clock Well-Known Member

    I think they can if we get a new thread for every new EVO that is somehow acquired.

    That said, I'm jealous some of you guys have it! I'll stick with the $200 cost, though. :D
  5. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Are you upgrade eligible or switching over? My upgrade isn't until October, so I was going to be shelling out either way.
  6. rckymtn

    rckymtn Well-Known Member

    Congrats as well, just counting down the days, 13. Tick tock, tick tock.....(praying for less i hope)
  7. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is anyone else going to have to pay full price? There was another user who I was negotiating a $500 price with, but this guy just beat him to the punch. I could let him know that someone is still interested if wanted.
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  8. Bek

    Bek Android Expert

    Let me send you a PM!
  9. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Good luck! No more PMs, please.
  10. hollawood24

    hollawood24 Well-Known Member

    By some miracle (GOD), i found a buy it now for the EVO and i got it for $300 :) ... The google I/O attendee must not have known that the out of contract phone is well above that.. Well not to bash him, but IM LOVING IT! Phone shipped yesterday and should be here sometime between monday and wednesday ;-)

    Also, do you know if there is something special or lack there of, about the EVO that was given out at I/O??? besides the 30 free activaton..

    Oh yea, i almost forgot i pre-ordered an Evo at the Shack, so i will be picking that one up in 2 weeks also!

    Ok im done, because now it just sounds like me bragging :) totally unintentional!
  11. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You lucky bastard! Congrats!
  12. hollawood24

    hollawood24 Well-Known Member

    LOL, dont' worry we'll both be basking in the glory, once yours arrives!
  13. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    Not to get all econ professor on you... but remember there's a difference between cost and price :) the price is $200 the cost includes:

    all the hours spent on this board discussing it (hours times your hourly wage)

    the gas to and from RS/BB/Sprint each time you go to check and see if they have a dummy unit or accessories

    minutes used on phone (if using unlimited plan then [total minutes used that month / price of plan] * minutes used to call sprint/bb/rs to ask them when froyo will be on the phone)

    all the accessories you will be purchasing

    the $10/month charge (times the life of the phone)

    etc... etc...

    so just remember there's a difference between cost and price :)
  14. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  15. Agent Jones

    Agent Jones Android Enthusiast

    same here i have 2 or 3 people that were at a 500 price with overnight shipping in san fran. but i got a 450 so i went with that.
  16. Ronnie

    Ronnie Newbie

    i want one of these phones prettyu badly after reading how ALL of these peple have gotten theres. i am willing to pay up to 650.00 for one. ( seeing as i have to buy it outright) . only question i haver is..... can you add insurance to one of these I O models?
  17. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It's just like any new phone, so I have no idea why you couldn't. Sprint let me add insurance to my new Hero that I bought off eBay.
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  18. koolhand79

    koolhand79 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same thing. i sure hope they allow me to add the insurance to this. I dont see why they wouldnt since they gave these out hoping to entice all the Google I/O attendees to go with sprint.

    With your max being $650 you should be able to get one off ebay pretty easily. I got mine for $500 off craigslist last night. i was so glad when someone finally emailed me back and wanted to meet up
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  19. Ronnie

    Ronnie Newbie

    i looked all over craigslist ( in detroit) and nobody has one. i am a little worried about the whole ebay thing. Lots of shadeballs up in there .
  20. koolhand79

    koolhand79 Well-Known Member

    Yea I wouldnt imagine many of them have found their way to Detroit yet. Lol. I didnt find a whole lot here in Los Angeles, well in comparison to how many there are in Northern Cali.
  21. Rizop

    Rizop Member

    I think the ebay option is great if you're looking to buy off contract or uneligible for upgrade, granted Sprint lets you activate it on your existing line(some buyers have mentioned that Sprint has given them trouble in this regard). A "buy it now" evo thats around 500-600 pops up every few hours or so...so i think the opportunity is still there; just make sure to have your paypal info ready in order to make a quick transaction. Ordered mine 2 days ago, just hope that activation on my old sprint line goes smoothly:)
  22. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast

    how come ebay is removing the links?

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