Hello all! new in town ;p PLEASE READ!!! lots of questions!!



so i have the ZTE-N910 on Metro PCS networks and i am currently discovering all the possibilities with it so far.. if anyone can tell me what rooting is, and if it's legal, and if i should attempt to do that, and why, and how... why i should do it because if it's something i should do, i use it to play a lot of games and will be using it to do some other stuff if ever possible when im out and about things like a lap top only better cause it can recieve calls and uses less battery and also you can get a cheap usb portable battery charger for it vs a laptop having basically the same stuff only dying easier, unfortunately i have not figured out if i can use the mini usb port for maybe say a usb hub to plug in a roll up waterproof keyboard and a mini mouse that i can carry with me and be completely portable.. if anyone has tried that or has written some c++ / java app that would allow that kind of thing, i would love it, and if rooting would allow me to do something like that, that would be awesome!!!

okay, so, also, is there a way to to ever upgrade the processors in these bad boys??? cause um, if possible, ild swap out the processor in it for something bigger, and also, can i find a battery that would have a longer life span if i did that so that i would have about the same battery life because of the power usage from the new processor or somewhat close to the same battery life of the stock battery?

other things i would like to know is, what and where would i find programs to start writing software for the android environments and where can i find manuals to self-teach the coding, im very good at this kind of thing, and would love to start writing coding that would work, like games, office applications, and the aforementioned keyboard and mouse input through a mini-usb port hub to connect the two devices.. also, is there a way to maybe upgrade the internal memory on the device, not the external micro sd cards, but the actual computer style ram, like the stuff that actually gets used as ram internally by the processor to shove application data into it? i know it's somewhat easier to just go buy a new fone, but ... what if i just want to know this stuff?? or i buy someone's broken awesome fone with better processor and memory from them for cheap and that stuff inside is still good and i can just swap it out in my fone that's already working???

okay, lots of stuff for my first post.. i am a geek let me tell you.. i have fun with my computers a lot, i run a website which needs some love and i should be paying attention to building it a little bit more, especially now that i have an android i'ld like to make a mobile part for the site.. so these are some things i would like to know. any and all replies and emails would be awesome!!!!

you can ping me or post here, sorry guys, not smart to just post email on forums cause of bots :( but hell, ill check this post and ill scour the forums for info.. i haven't done that yet, so honestly, most of these might already be answered somewhere, and considering i only saw one post already about the ZTE-N910 that i have being rumored to have cleared with the fcc and coming to metropcs networks, someone should add that fone and that carrier to the list until next year when t-mobile and metro pcs decide whether or not they are going to fly under t-mobile's banner or stay seperate still...... thanks!!!



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If you have to ask what rooting is you are nowhere near ready to try it. Likely you will never need to anyway.

CPU/RAM/internal memory cannot be upgraded.


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I'm on my phone right now so I can only answer so much, but I'll some of the easy questions.

First, you should check this thread:

As for rooting:

You can't upgrade processor/ram in a phone. A phone should last you a two year contract as long as you take care of it (processor/RAM wise).