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Hello all

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by edward12687, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. edward12687

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    this is my first thread and i just wanted to drop in and introduce my self :)

    anyway getting right down to business i just bought a Samsung vibrant today t-mobiles version of the galaxy s phone and well i must say the screen is impressive the rest of the phone is not :( which saddens me greatly. the whole phone it self feels cheaply made in my hands and the software seems to clone the i-phones which is depressing since i much prefer android over the walled garden that is the i-phone. so I'm actually thinking about taking the phone back to radio shack tomorrow and getting a different handset the problem is nothing from t-mobile really appeals to me accept for the price of the contract lol. but there were a few outside phones i was looking at one of them was this

    Lenovo LePhone Brings Out 3G Concept Memories

    HTC Wildfire Gets Early Preview

    G1 Blaze Android 2.2 QWERTY Slider Coming to T-Mobile

    now i know the leveno phone is already out in china but i didn't see a release date up and coming ? for the U.S doe anyone know where i can buy these phones or should i just return my upgrade and stick it out for a few more months until they release something better ? or is there a gem of a t-mobile phone i seem to be over looking ? besides the nexus one which i found out is rather hard to get a hold of

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