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Hello all...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jatco, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. jatco

    jatco Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes, Im a newbie here and especially to the 'smartphone' / HTC Desire.
    I started reading this section from pages 1-20, then started at the last page 135-120... so I havent gotten to the pages inbetween....yet - So please bear with me...
    So far.. all I can say, from what Ive read..and realize, is that this new technology....is mind boggling...:eek:
    Besides learning this whole brave New 'World', my wife and I are having a hell of a time dealing the with keyboard - Seems way too sensitive - You just 'breath' on it..and it types. I've tried some setting changes as mentioned on some posts here.. but still..!! --
    Something to get used to, I guess..- Yikes..!!
    Another Big issue we seem to have, is the sensitivity of the power button...!!
    When we got these new phones, to update our 'contract' and equipment.. (as we wanted something that would work overseas..w/internet access - due to traveling..).. we obtained a couple of cases - for protecting the unit. Well it appears that when the phone is in the case.. any touch to the top of the phone.. powers the unit on - unbeknownst to us, while in her purce or my lunch box..eg..!
    So when we go to use the phone, power has been depleted...?!??! - Geeze.......!
    - So far - neighther of us are happy with the phone... - and perhaps, this is OverKill for us and our needs...
    Have any of you found the power button/powering on unknowingly, an issue.? -
    - Any 'work-around' this problem.?? - or is it just us?
    I just wanted to and needed to register, to be able search, ask questions and post.. as well as do A LOT of reading...etc...
    Its not that we have or will be 'on-line' / utilizing a whole lot of apps to 'play/work/download/music etc, etc ' on the net/system etal .. that you Youngsters do... but just to be able to do, what we may need to do, when we need to it...!!
    We probablly should have stayed with what we had vs paying a whole lot more for something we will hardly utilized to the fullest..........!
    So, I guess we'll be stuck with this for next 3 years..and by then, the technology will probably again, exceed our needs...........
    I guess that what happens when you get older...!
    Any feedback, suggestions on the power button issue would be of help, as well as my continued search for short-cuts and user guides to help us thru this transition to a new technology.
    Look forward to the 'Future' -----------OMG.>.!!!
    Sorry for the Loooong intro...!!

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  2. kuobob

    kuobob Member

    If you have any problems with the keyboard, you should probably try swype.
    You can get swype here.

    I don't have any problems with the power button, it might just the horrible battery life of the desire.
  3. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Android Expert

    As a youngster I like to walk around in blue jeans, I call everybody dude, use the word "fresh" an awful lot, and spend my time laughing at older men in corduroy. As for my phone on off button, I get around this by putting the unit in hypercool Airplane mode, not that I've ever been on a plane of course, I cant afford to fly in one and their too big to steal and hide in the shed.

    Rooting your phones, if its not too youthful or technical is another good idea, as it gives you so much more functionality, and you can also render your power button useless.
  4. chris 290

    chris 290 Android Enthusiast

    Go to the market and buy a better phone case. For a tenner, I got a leather flip case with a plastic insert which does not power my phone on by accident at any time.

    If you mainly use it as a dumb phone then battery on it should be great. Suggest getting or using a data toggle switch to select when you wish to select an mobile internet connection.

    I use switchpro widget which is great for turning on and off a hole range of different functions, including data, wifi, torch, battery, silent mode, brightness etc.

    Don't use live backgrounds, screen brightness down and select when you want internet on and you should be much better on battery.

    Its a great phone and im sure you will come to love it once you become more familiar. Also SlideIT keyboard is a great alternative to swype, that's what I type on.

    Im 39 and love this phone and im sure you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Ask questions on here and you will usually get a quick helpful response :)


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