Hello all!

Hello all... I do not know where to start but my story goes like this. September of this year I knew nothing of root, tethers, kernels etc... literally NOTHING. Through this forum I was taken down the rabbit hole. Many many nights without sleep determined to free my sph m830 rinky dink Boost phone from its prison of default settings. Along with freeing myself from foolish cyclical spending on gadgetry and contraptions that quarterly leak out tid bits of nifty functionality that could have been easily provided 7 or so models prior. Basically you guys rock I have rooted tethhered wireless at that my Rush. That is an achievment for me... you guys truly did that. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH


Welcome to AF, porterrock!
I am glad that you have found our forums helpful.
It is always good to hear that we are making a difference here.:)
Oh... and... you're welcome!