Hello and thank you for noticing me.


I just joined, new to droids , just got myself a Samsung Admire, red,
so far it's Ok.
nice price too a Meto PCS user.
Of course I can have any plan or any other ones out there I prefer metro because it is easy and no contract BS.
Becoming 60 today I have been a cell user since the beginning so I have been down the road.
Again, new to android but I like the concept alot.
So, this is Bruce saying howdee and glad to be here.


Bruce, thanks for joining Android Forums. Welcome. Congrats on your new Admire.
We have a section here just for the users of the Samsung Admire. It can be found by following this link: Samsung Admire - Android Forums The other owners of your device will be best in the support department as well as helping you get the most out of your new phone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bruce. I hope you enjoy the site.