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Hello... Any reddit users here?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by x160399, May 29, 2010.

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    Just wondering if there are any reddit users here, as I am having a problem with reddit on my new Desire and was wondering if anybody else had seen this.

    Since I got the phone about a week ago, when I load reddit the "save" and "hide" links don't work. They are there, they just do nothing when I tap them. If I reload the page they will work, but sometimes I have to reload a couple of times to get them to work. This is very annoying.

    I have tried asking about this on the site itself, but in an unbelievable coincedence reddit suffered a bug for an hour or so which made the save and hide links disappear from the site right at the same time as I posted my question, so I think most people just thought I was talking about that. This is completely different however, and is an ongoing problem.

    I have tried the "reddit is fun" app, which is nice, but as far as I can see it removes the save and hide functionality altogether (they are not appearing on my phone anyway). As these functions are a very important part of browsing the site for me, this is no good.

    I've tried Opera mini and found the experience just horrible.

    I have been able to replicate this exact behaviour on reddit when using my PC by disabling javascript in Firefox, this tells me that there is a problem with my phone loading javascript. I have "Enable Javascript" checked in the internet settings on the phone.

    So... has anyone else here experienced anything like this? Very grateful for any advice.


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