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Hello Everyone

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Neft, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Neft

    Neft Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Alright, so fairly new here, last time i tried programming/scriptin/coding whatever you want to call it, i was about 15 years old and fascinated with it, then my parents got involved and well im sure everyone here has heard the old they didnt understand it story, anyways i'm looking to get back into it with phone apps.

    Anyways ive read some of the information thats stickied on here and i plan on reading the rest but really what im curious about when i go to launch the app depending on its resources etc... should i host it off my personal PC at first or should i go ahead and spring for a VPS.

    for any devs currently whatever your app is on whether its gaming or informational etc... is there any common mistakes people make with their first phone app, like what programs they use/shouldn't use, information they read that may be wrong or outdated, i know a big mistake in games for awhile was they made everything client sided even in mmorpgs like gold etc... so i know a lot of stuff needs to be server sided with regular checks and maybe even anti-cheat programs/algorithms for other variables such as monitoring cool downs or player speed, theres even a few games on the app store ive found lately that have those old issues and the devs havent cranked out a bug fix or anything since 2/18/19 just an example.

    anyways any and all assistance on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

    also in your opinion what language should i work in and should i even use Android studio

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  2. 23tony

    23tony Well-Known Member

    I'm a little confused with what you're trying to accomplish.

    What is it that you are wanting to host? If you're talking about an android app, you would build it on your PC and publish it to the Play Store. No need for any hosting.

    Hosting is necessary if you're building a website, or a web-based game. That's a totally separate issue. For that, you would want a VPS - and there will be a whole lot more learning, on how to build and host a website.

    From what I'm reading, you may be starting to make a really big mistake: starting too big. Try some small projects first, learn your way around. Maybe a tic-tac-toe game, pong, a simple breakout game - something like that. In those cases, you won't have to worry about client/server issues, everything will be packaged in the app.

    As for information that may be wrong or outdated, that's all over the place. It's difficult to say in advance what to avoid. Even places you would expect to be correct may not be - when I first started, Google's own tutorial on creating your first app didn't match the most recent version of Android Studio.

    If you're planning to write an Android app, why would you NOT use Android studio? It's built specifically for android development.

    As for languages, your best bets are Java or Kotlin, both of which are supported by Android studio. Which you choose is more of a matter of personal preference. Java is a very popular language outside of Android as well, so it gives you a skill you can use elsewhere. I haven't used Kotlin, but the fans here claim that it is simpler and easier to work with than Java. From what I've seen, that appears to be the case.
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  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    All good advice from @23tony. Regarding the choice of language, well from a technical standpoint, they both achieve the same things in a slightly different way. If you have no experience of either, I'd say go with Kotlin if all you want to do is Android application development. Reason for this is that Google are pushing it, and Android is their baby.
    On the other side of the coin, Java is the more widespread language, and has uses way beyond Android development. It doesn't hurt to know this language.
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  4. Neft

    Neft Lurker
    Thread Starter

    All great information, the reason i asked so much is because when i learned a bit of java it was on PC games private servers and the likes where you basically had to portforward and host it off your own PC or use a VPS, back then i hosted it myself since i had a decent PC for that time and a really good net connection.

    as for the program like most things especially game design, video editing, streaming etc... there's usually a ton of different programs to chose from like say Blender or Maya, or Sony vegas and camtasia or OBS and Xsplit, most of which i do have about a year or more of experience with, the only program listed i have not touched personally is Maya

    so for example for streaming id tell you id go with OBS, for video recording and editing it depends on your budget camtasia breaks if the file is to big and sony vegas costs a good bit, but if you could afford it and have a REAL use for it id say go with Adobe Premiere Pro.

    as for what im ultimately going to make is an APP thats going to start me off in the direction i want to go in, im tired of waiting for a developer to make something thats not rehashed garbage 90% of games out there are literally re-skins using borrowed/stolen code or its using original code with borrowed/stolen assets, or the same group will make 4 different games when its really the same game across all 4 with different character models like for example instead of a wolf your a cheetah or instead of a human your an elf.

    I already plan on starting small with something, most likely a single player game or pong or something most likely with a leader board so you can see the highest stages achieved or something along those lines, eventually moving on to RPGs/City builders like Dragons of Atlantis or EZPZ RPG 3D then once i have a few of those that are as bug free as possible ill move on to the first game that wont be considered rehashed garbage by my expectations since even if i use my own assets, my own ideas my own code itll still be that nagging feeling of you only did this because it works here so even if it looks and works differently its still at its Core the same damn thing.

    then hoping a few of the bigger ones make enough profit i can get into making the game ive had made on paper at least, that ive been adding to and correcting for the past 10 years, but its also dependent on BCI/BMI chips being perfected and released to other companys for use in their products.

    but that also requires learning various other programming/coding languages so for now ill stick to kotlin/java and stick to phone apps

    the future of gaming isn't on your phone, its not on your PC, they are pushing augmented reality now and are working on BCI/BMI chips which basically capture your thoughts and convert it into action, last i read they were even working on AR contact lenses.

    the future is in AR/VR/Holo Deck/Arena - Virtuix Omni Arena has been used since 2016 in pro gaming - once BCI/BMI has been perfected past helping the paralyzed walk again for 5 feet and controlling a rats tail that will really send AR/VR into advancement changes, Holo deck as seen on TV to my knowledge hasn't been made yet.
  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Holo Deck you say? Hey I could get on board with that. Make it so! ;)

    Seriously though, if you do have some original ideas for new games, then more power to you. The mainstream games industry appears (to me anyway) to be running out of creativeness and innovation.
    Or maybe it's just that nobody wants to take a risk these days. After all, most of the AAA titles cost millions to develop.
  6. Neft

    Neft Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yea, ive been a gamer my entire life, movies like player one have came close to my idea of the perfect game but they were still missing a few key pieces to truly be perfect, nothing like game modes or cash shop or anything more like advanced features of an open source/closed source variable i cant go into specifics but it would really change how things are and there would ofc be safety precautions in place as well as 24.7 moderation.

    ive been gaming since i could hold a controller and type on a keyboard, ive played just about every game ever made that ive been able to get my hands on whether it be through physical, digital or emulation so everything wrote down is basically a guide to what works, what works but players actually hate, things people have suggested hundreds of thousands of times on several different games but its never been added, im also not a fan of micro transactions or pay to win sadly a necessary evil to pay the bills.

    Part of the lack of creativeness is the fact everythings been done already just about, even the fantasy angle has been done to hell and back, its time for VR/AR to take the spotlight or watch as gaming becomes a "fad" or a "niche community".

    theres only so far you can push technology the only real change i see in consoles and PC's is clock speed, memory etc... feel free to drop the anvil on the box as its hindering us.
  7. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I tend to agree that most things have been done already. Now it's just a case of prettier graphics, but the same game formula, or franchise. That's a reason I don't buy into new games consoles these days.
    It's very hard to come up with a completely new idea.
    Having said all that though, you can't deny there's a substantial number of people out there enjoying these franchises, and plenty of money in it too. What was it, $3m for the Fortnite world champion recently?
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  8. Neft

    Neft Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yea, a mobile game i play called mobile legends bang bang they gave out like 300 or 400 grand total gave about 1500-2000 to the top 4-20 teams and the top team got like 170k, not denying there isn't a market for them, like i said notebook on what works and what doesn't.

    ive entered a few tournaments myself for various things over the years, hell Jagex flew the final contestants out to live in a mansion for like a month for a runescape clan tournament thing.

    anyways, whats a good minimum API to work with?
  9. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I wouldn't recommend going too far back with your min API. Because then your code may have to deal with legacy compatibility issues, and you might have to write conditional code to cope with the situation. That gets a bit messy. Depends what your app does really.
    But you should be aiming to target the majority of devices out there. They reckon API 15 is a good one to use to capture 99% of devices. Have a look at these distribution stats

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  10. 23tony

    23tony Well-Known Member

    I don't play much games, but I see so many of the android games are just ripoffs of Bejewled and others from that era a few years back. I think truly new game ideas would have a decent chance to get some traction.

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