Hello Finally!


Hello everyone. I joined in July when I got my first Android phone - a Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G. I was so confused with it. Found out it had some major factory probs and it got replaced by a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I didn't post any threads b/c I couldn't find any answers or info anywhere about the specific probs I was having with that phone. Now I'm finally back to join in, read and possibly post threads.

I am learning all about Google and how that works with my phone and wish I had more time to spend on that stuff. I also own a Sony tablet and it is Android, too.

I look forward to learning new things and getting help here. My 2 daughters own iPhones and the one who lives closest to me doesn't want to have anything to do with Android so she isn't much help at all. But, I have to give her credit b/c she works at a bookstore and bought me a magazine/book :thinking: called The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Android Smartphones and Tablets.

So with this forum plus any extra things I can learn I should be pretty informed soon. :)



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Welcome to AF YrkieLvr2!
I'm glad you joined and we hope you can learn from us and we can learn from you!
Let us know if you need any assistance today:)


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Thankyou everyone for the great welcome. Boy, memory is bad! I actually introduced myself way back in March/12 in this forum and in a few others so I totally confused myself! Not hard to do these days! :rolleyes: Anyway, when I get back in better health I will definitely be checking in to get some ideas and possible help with my Nexus. I've had the flu since Dec 22nd, with the odd good day or 2 and just today starting to feel that I may live. Advice: STAY AWAY FROM ANYONE AND EVERYONE with a cough or sneeze - if you can. :(