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Hello, folks

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kb0tdf, Feb 23, 2011.

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    My name is Greg. I am an ancient-school telecom tech. I'll spare you the geezer accent, but I'm in my fifties, and my real expertise lies in landline products like wired voice and aDSL.

    Our company is now getting into competition with the local cable TV company, by providing all the usual channels over IP on DSL. Our main competitor in that arena has a traditional analog CATV service delivered over coax. They have recently begun to convert certain customers to digital service.

    As far as android goes, I have a now-deactivated G1 sitting in a drawer, and a myTouch 4G that I actually use. I'm much happier with it than the G1. I remember swapping out my Blackberry Curve for the G1, and wondering, "uh-oh. What have I done?"

    But you'd have to pry the 4G out of my hands.

    My son is an app developer in one of the Android groups out here in www land, and he is my usual source of expertise. But, I recently bought a new car that won't sync its contacts to the 4G's address book. So, unless I get an answer here (in the proper forum), he'll get to help me try and figure out what the problem is when I go visit him at school. I have my suspicions, but won't go into them here.

    Anyway, that's me.

    Thanks, all.

    -= Greg =-


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    Hey Greg! Welcome!
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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

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