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Hi everyone!

My husband and I each have Droid Eris phones which we have had for almost two years now and we each just picked up the new Vizio Tablet which is Android as well. I use my phone quite a bit and while I would love to have a new Android phone, between the phone and the tablet I can do everything I need to do for my personal use and my small business use.



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Welcome Michele its nice to see you here on the AndroidForums!
Myself i use an Samsung Galaxy S personaly i think its a great phone but i can also recomend the HTC desire for you..

My experience of different phones isn't that big so im sure there is better phones out there but those is the ones i know is good :D
Again welcome !


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Thanks! The Galaxy S is one of the phones I have my eye on. I have to admit there are times when I think that now that I have my tablet I don't need an Android phone, but then I talk myself out of those thoughts. I am waiting patiently to see what the next few months brings with Verizon's phone choices as I am not due to upgrade until February 2012.

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Welcome to the AndroidForums, Michele (and fellow Eris owner :) :) :)).

I've still got my Eris squirreled-away and still get it out every now and then to play and experiment with it (my Droid X is my everyday phone).

Lots of great new phones coming out, I'm sure you guys will get some awesome new devices.

Cheers and glad you signed-up with us here at AF.