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Hello from Lithuanian Android developer!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Snotty, May 11, 2014.

  1. Snotty

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    Hi, everyone or "labas" as I would greet you in my little country!

    Despite being totally inactive, I have a pretty old account here. Years ago I joined to announce a couple of my applications, a bit later - my first game! Today wanted to get some feedback on a fun live wallpaper I'm working on... but to sum all results up, none of my posts gained any interest. That's a common issue with forums directing all self-promos to a single subforum, which is rarely visited by other users, except developers, who post there.

    I figured, I'll take one more chance in this board, talk about what I'm working on and present 2 of my Android projects, which I think really deserve a little bit more attention. After all, they are oriented in nice user experience, since my principles are keeping monetization way below it.


    Crisp Bacon - a "porkour" runner with wide set of mechanics mashed up together to make gameplay as fluent & pleasant as possible. I played tens of running games and tried to remove everything I did not enjoy about them (fixed height jumps, unfair hitboxes, no reason insta-deaths, unresponsive/laggy controls and totally linear mechanics (jump, duck, jump, duck, all the way until speed increases to impossible)). If you could find me a running game, which allows player 8 ways to come past one part of the level, I would be very interested to play it.


    A bit of history: 3 years in development (procrastination & creative blocks), 2.5 years in Google Play (94% uninstall rate), 4 months ago updated to a pretty damn good game (mistake, should've published as a different app).

    2 years ago it looked like this:


    Bee Bro!- an interactive live wallpaper pet with silly animations and tamagotchi elements. It's also completely free, has no ads and requires zero permissions (not something you see every day).

    As Crisp Bacon was my gameplay playground, this is more about animation and humor. Surely, animations are pretty simple, since I'm no artist, but I'm having a blast making them and I hope that some people will laugh out loud seeing them for the first time (even the idea of that makes me very happy). It's still work-in-progress, so only 4 animations are available, but many more cool things are in my plans.


    I take battery life seriously, so it has a "sleep on pause" mode, which makes wallpaper static until user starts interacting with it. That way it uses almost nothing :)


    So here it is... My introduction via things I'm working on. Could be that one of the reasons, why I'm not getting a lot of feedback is writing text-wall posts. I hope you had time to read it all and maybe even try one of my "things" .

    As I usually finish... Feedback is always welcome :)

    Best regards,

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    Hi there. Welcome to the Phandroid community.
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